Five Romantic Restaurants in Mobile, Alabama

Mobile, Alabama just calls out to anyone who has a romantic side. Exploring the historical downtown area with the antebellum homes along Government Street in the twilight will turn anyone to thoughts of romance. Of course, traveling along the Mobile River and Mobile Bay with the light sparkling off the peaceful waters adds even more beauty and romance to any situation.

In a city like Mobile, there is nothing more pleasing than a romantic evening out with someone that someone special. From the candles and low lighting to the cozy and intimate tables, surrounded by all of the beauty that the city has to offer, a romantic restaurant is just the way to spend a wonderful evening out.

If you are looking for a romantic place to take the love of your life, Mobile certainly has some great spots to choose from. Regardless of the type of d�©cor or the menu options, you can find it here. Below are the five most romantic restaurants in Mobile.

The first restaurant on the list is perhaps one of the most well-known. With its setting being a beautiful white antebellum home located at 1757 Government St, right at the split of Government St. and Airport Blvd, Justine’s at the Pillars is a restaurant that is hard to miss

When you walk into The Pillars, you are immediately surrounded by opulence. The home is decorated with beautiful chandeliers, hardwood fireplaces, and tables draped with linen table clothes and candles, this is truly the definition of romantic.

The menu of The Pillars has a great assortment of entrees to please any appetite. For the steak lover, there is the New York Strip and the Rib eye. If you are more of a seafood lover, you can try the blackened salmon, crawfish etouffee, or snapper ponchatrain. And, of course, any romantic meal needs a nice bottle of wine. The Pillars has an extensive wine list to suit any meal.

If you want to create a romantic evening for the special person, then an evening at Justine’s at the Pillars is the way to make someone feel very special.

Another restaurant in Mobile that should be on any list of romantic places is Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse, located at 2058 Airport Blvd near Midtown. From the moment you walk in, you immediately notice the romantic atmosphere. The restaurant is dimly lit with candles and lamps on each table to set the mood. It is decorated with rich, dark woods giving it the feel of a very cozy study or library.

The customer service at the restaurant adds to the romantic feel even more. From the moment you are seated, you will be treated like royalty. From being given a linen napkin that matches the color of your clothes, to having someone come and scrap the crumbs from the bread, this is the way to impress anyone.

The menu of the restaurant is nothing but spectacular. For the appetizer, you can enjoy the wonderful lobster bisque or the Louisiana gumbo. For the main course, why not try Ruth’s Chris famous fillet or shrimp. And for desert, ordering the crÃ?¨me brulee is a requirement to end any romantic meal.

The third stop on our tour of romantic restaurants in Mobile, Alabama is Felix’s Fishcamp. This restaurant, located on the Causeway overlooking Mobile Bay, provides just the right setting for a romantic night out.

When you enter the restaurant, you are greeted with a d�©cor out of the old fish camps so famous along the Gulf Coast. You are seated at tables surrounding large picture windows looking out into the gleaming waters of the Bay. The tables are elegantly decorated with linen table clothes and candles to add to the romantic feel.

The menu of the restaurant is truly wonderful. From the appetizer of lobster dip which everyone who likes lobster should try at least once, to the seafood gumbo or crab soup. For the main course, a variety of fish entrees await, including stuffed flounder and the very tasty barbequed shrimp. Top off this wonderful meal with a piece of cheese cake. This is truly a four-course meal. This, of course, adds to the romantic mood because it gives time to enjoy the company of the one you are with.

Our next romantic restaurant is designed for those who like a little Italian cuisine. Bilotti’s Italian CafÃ?© located at 1850 Airport Blvd at the Loop is a great way to have a romantic evening without spending a ton of money.

The restaurant’s menu contains a variety of Italian meals including chicken parmashan, veal marsala, and lasagna. The restaurant also has a great list of wines to make any evening more enjoyable. Also, on Friday and Saturday nights, Bilotti’s has a live jazz band to truly make for a great evening.

Our Final stop on the tour of romantic restaurants in Mobile, Alabama is the Original Oyster house on the causeway. This restaurant is a great place to go for a romantic dinner because of the view of the river and the bay that come from the large picture windows.

The restaurant is very cozy and intimate. The tables are close together to give the feel of tight quarters, but with enough space for everyone to move around the dinning room easily. Mixed with the darkness from outside, the Original Oyster House truly has a romantic feel.

The menu of the restaurant is a seafood lover’s dream. Every type of seafood from shrimp to flounder crabs to oysters is available. You will not be disappointed by the menu choices. In addition, the menu includes specialty adult beverages that truly add something memorable to a romantic evening.

Mobile, Alabama is a romantic city in the first place. The restaurants presented here will simply help to cap off a nice evening for yourself and the person you care about the most!

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