Top Three Italian Restaurants in Seattle, Washington

Italian restaurants in Seattle, Washington give coffee shops a run for their consumer money. Although Seattle, Washington may not be known for their Italian restaurants, theses local favorites definitely make their mark in the North Western restaurant scene. Dinner at Italian restaurant is perfect for almost any dining occasion. The homey and comforting food is the prefect accompaniment for a first date or anniversary. Almost every one loves Italian food, so check out one of these great Seattle, Washington Italian restaurants. Just don’t forget to order a cappuccino after dinner.

Mama Melina Ristorante is a Seattle, Washington Italian restaurant owned by a real live Italian family. Authentic Italian recipes dominate their menu. The house specialty at Mama Melina Ristorante is the lamb shank. The freshest of lamb shank is braised in white win and flavored by aromatic vegetables. The lamb is topped with the braising sauce and served with a risotto cake. Mama Melina’s dÃ?©cor is beautiful and homey. Happy hues of green, yellow and pink keep the atmosphere cheery even on a rainy day. Seattle, Washington is definitely known for its rainy days. Live piano music is played in Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturday nights. Not far from the piano you will find Melina and Pasquale Vorchetta, husband and wife as well as co owners of this fabulous Italian Ristorante. Melina and Pasquale run their restaurant with pride and happiness. They spend most of their days visiting with customers and making sure they are having a great meal. Mama Melina Ristorante is located at 4759 Roosevelt Way North East, Seattle, Washington, 98105. For reservations or directions contact them at (206) 632-4333.

Il Terrazzo Carmine is located at 411 1st Avenue, Seattle, Washington, 98104 in the historic pioneer square of Seattle. Top of the line service and food make this a successful Italian restaurant in the Seattle, Washington scene. Tables are draped with creamy white linens and accented with warm intimate lighting that makes everything (and everyone) glow. This is the perfect setting for a romantic evening out with the one you love. Traditional Italian fare dominates Il Terrazzo Carmine’s menu. Pasta, risottos, veal, lamb, and steak are all popular choices. Anchovy lovers should check out the house Caesar salad. This favorite Italian dish is overflowing with high quality delectable salty little anchovies. For reservations or directions to Il Terrazzo Carmine contact them at (206) 467-7797.

A short way down the road Italian food lovers can find Al Boccalino, another great local Italian eatery in Seattle, Washington. Al Boccalino is located at 1 Yesler Way, Seattle, Washington, 98104. They are open Tuesday through Sunday evening. Reservations are encouraged to ensure you get prompt seating at this local Italian favorite. Al Boccalino is a romantic Italian Restaurant perfect for celebrating an anniversary or first date. Children may not feel at home in Al Boccalino’s formal setting, so you may want to leave them with a baby sitter. For reservations or a faxed copy of their menu, contact Al Boccalino’s at (206) 622-7688.

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