The Best Thai Food in Rowland Heights, California

On any given night, at any given time, you will find Banana Bay in Rowland Heights, California packed to the brim with customers. There is never a dull moment inside its spacious dining area, and after enjoyiing their food one time you will know why.

The food at Banana Bay speaks for itself. The Pad Thai, the Fried Calamari, the Chicken or Beef Sate are all marvelous, and it only scratches the surface on the variety of dishes available. The service is always remarkable for being such a popular spot, and the atmosphere is excellent. They have tables for as many as thirty guests and booths for as few as two. Despite its ability to “pack ’em in”, the Banana Bay interior is so spacious and well-designed that you always have your privacy to go with your meal. The prices are excellent (average dinner $5 – $8), and they have a fully stocked bar with knowledgable bartenders that know any mixed drink you throw at them(believe me, I’ve tested them).

Rowland Heights’ Banana Bay has recently incorported live entertainment into the establishment. They’ve added ten television sets, mounted from the ceiling throught the interior, that are always playing the big game or the top local events. They also built a music/karaoke stage in the center of the room and have bands and musical guests perfrom on weekends. Fear not about the volume/intensity, the acts are always low-key, jazzy performers, and the audio levels are never set higher than the sound of your own voice at your table. The atmosphere has always been great, but with the addition of live entertainment it has added to the quality of the Banana Bay dining experience.

Banana Bay’s first claim to fame is in their remarkable Pad Thai dish (highly recommended). I’ve never tasted its equivalent at any other Thai cuisine. The Fried Calamari is also so popular its served as either a side dish, appetizer or dinner. The decor inside is highly contemporary, highly visibly-pleasing, and the restrooms are stellar in cleanliness. There is also a dessert counter to the left-rear, the fully stocked bar to the immediate left upon entrance, and a candy store in the lobby/waiting area. Despite its popularity, Banana Bay never has more than a twenty minute wait on those nights when they are filled to capacity. You can dine-in (which I highly recommend) or take-out, either way the food is amazing.

Banana Bay is a great place to host a dinner party or just go for a quiet meal with a friend. They have a seasoned professional staff that never lose their poise or amiability. Its location is 18230 Colima Road in the city of Rowland Heights, California, where Colima meets Fullerton Road. They have a huge neon sign that you can’t miss from the freeway and can be contacted at (626)839-5511. Banana Bay may just be the single best Thai restaurant in all of Southern California.

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