4 Uses for Ammonia

Everyone has ammonia around the house. Sometimes it just sits in our closets unused for years. Our mothers had it in their closets, so we have it in ours. You may wonder what on earth ammonia is good for. As a matter of fact, ammonia has several uses. Some of those uses are nontraditional. Get that unused ammonia out of your closet. I have a list of 4 nontraditional uses for ammonia.

1. Gold Dust
Ammonia is great for cleaning gilt picture frames. Simply take a fresh piece of white bread and dampen it with ammonia. Rub the picture frame for a dust free finish. It is absolutely amazing how wonderful this ammonia trick works. Do it in front of guests for a conversation item.

2. Oven Cleaning
There are some people who have self-cleaning ovens. These folks have no need for oven cleaners because their oven does it for them. However, self-cleaning ovens are expensive, so their are many people in this world who do not have that added feature. Ammonia can help those people with their oven cleaning needs. Fill a small bowl with ammonia and leave it in the oven overnight. In the morning the grease and grime will wipe away as easy as pie. Your oven will look as good as new.

3. Force Blooms
Ammonia is great for forcing blooms on woody stemmed plants. Plants such as dogwood, or cherry stems are easy to force a bloom by simply slitting the ends and putting them in a bucket. Use a gallon of warm water and a small Cotton ball wet with ammonia. Then take a large garbage bag and put the entire bucket and stems inside. Tie it shut and place it in a warm place. Just wait until buds begin to appear.

4. Garbage sanitizer
Ammonia is a great chemical for sanitizing your garbage cans and garbage pales. Just wipe the cans down with a diluted mixture of ammonia and water. You can either use a damp cloth or put the solution into a spray bottle. This will aid in keeping raccoons and other critters away from your house and out of your garbage. No one likes to wake up to garbage strewn all over the lawn.

Ammonia wasn’t just for our mothers. There are many uses for ammonia that you may never have known were possible. Now you have several different uses to finally empty that old ammonia bottle in your closet.

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