Product Review: Georgetown Bookcase

When I visit friends who have a home office I envy how wonderful their office looks. Their office desk looks clean. Their books are all organized in a book shelve. Their floors are free of trash. My home office on the other hand looks so disorganized and messy. I have trash on the floor. My office desk has all sorts of retail receipts and pens that need to put away. I think what bugs me the most is all the books I have lying around in my office. It’s been looking like that for almost a year until I finally decided to do something about. Cleaning the floor and organizing my desk didn’t take too long. As for the books I thought it would be great to get a bookcase. I went shopping and found a bookcase called, the Georgetown Bookcase. I like the Georgetown Bookcase for so many reasons.

The Georgetown Bookcase looks classy. It is made of rubberwood and has a black paint finish on it. I thought the black color would go great with my gray desk and black leather chair that I have. The Georgetown Bookcase is a good size bookcase. The measurements of the bookcase are 67Hx28Wx15.5D” inches. The bookcase has many features that I like. It comes with four bookshelves and two drawers. The two drawers have a pulls that are silver in color. The shelves are enough space for the books that I have. It fits about fifty thick books of mine. The extra drawers a great for me to store other items such as notebooks, paper and other office related stuff.

The Georgetown Bookcase is easy to put together. It comes in a box with simple instructions on how you can put it together. It took my husband about forty-five minutes to put it together.

The Georgetown Bookcase is durable and sturdy. I am glad it is strong enough to hold all my thick books. It stands nicely against the wall. I don’t worry about it tipping over or swaying.

The Georgetown Bookcase can be purchased online at Target. I bought the bookcase for $200 dollars not including tax or shipping. I think the price is worth the quality of the bookcase that I have received. I have received many compliments on the bookcase. There is actually other Georgetown item that you can purchase such as an office desk that looks like it would go great with the bookcase. The Georgetown Bookcase is a quality product that I would recommend anyone who is need of a place to store his or her books.

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