40 Things to Do Before You Turn 40

On August 15, 2007, my husband will turn 40. Lord willing.

“What things do you want to do before you turn 40?” I asked him.

“HmmmâÂ?¦I hadn’t really thought about it,” he said, much to my surprise. You see, I’m only 37, and I’ve already created my wish list of stuff I’d like to cross off in the next three years.

If you too are staring down the nose at 40 (which is still the new 20, by the way), your virginity is probably long gone. But there are still plenty of other fields of passion to yet be plowed, so to speak.

Use the following list to inspire you to get off your spreading arse and live:

1. Don’t die!
2. Write a book.
3. Learn a new language.
4. Visit a new country.
5. Pay off all your debts.
6. Sponsor a poor child.
7. Get back in shape.
8. Try out for a movie�
9. �sing horrible karaoke�
10. �or do anything to embarrass yourself!
11. Take one step toward your true passion.
12. Quit your dead-end job.
13. Stop smoking.
14. Rethink your least-favorite food. Taste buds change.
15. Go outside your comfort zone.
16. Move into the house of your dreams.
17. Meet a new friend�
18. �of a different race�
19. �and a different religion than you.
20. Forgive your mother. Hasn’t it been long enough?
21. Call your dad. Hasn’t it been too long?
22. Stop speeding�
23. �and kill your road rage.
24. Take up a new sport. Squash anyone?
25. Play around with a new computer software program.
26. Drive on Route 66.
27. Confess your affair to your spouse�
28. �or, at least to yourself. Then end it.
29. Take a cruise.
30. Host a fun dinner party.
31. Kick your all-day caffeine habit.
32. Find out the major tenets of all major faiths. Pick one. We all need something to believe in.
33. Read the lyrics of one classic rap song�
34. �one popular country ode�
35. �and one rock anthem.
36. Book that plastic surgery consultation you’ve been wanting since forever.
37. Set up your own website or blog.
38. Live and let live.
39. Live and let die.
40. Live and live and live some more!

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