45 Years Old Woman Stands Against Internet Trolls

Recently, U.K’s high court has set a legal precedent when it ordered Facebook, the social networking giant, to disclose the identities of several online trolls. A 45 years old mother, who was threatened by the alleged internet “trolls,” brought the case to court after receiving “vicious and depraved” messages and comments on her Facebook account.

Nicola Brookes received many abusive messages and comments on the social networking site when she posted an innocent comment in favor of former “X Factor” contestant Frankie Cocozze on Facebook.  These online tormentors set up fake profiles on Facebook while using her picture and name, and identified Brookes as a pedophile and drug dealer.

At first she went to the police to report against those traitors, but it did not give her a positive response and advised her to go home. So she finally decided to go to court.

She appeared before the London High Court where an order was granted in favor of her, compelling Facebook to reveal the identities of those so called tormentors.

Nicola Brookes said “I want them exposed. They exposed me and they invaded my life. I didn’t ask for it. They wanted a reaction from me and now they have got it.”

She further said: “After posting the comment about Frankie Cocozza, I went back to Facebook about an hour later and there was loads of abuse. At the time, I thought of it as banter… But after a few days, people starting saying to me, ‘You’re popping up all over the internet.”

“People were inciting hatred against me. They weren’t just targeting me, they were also dragging young girls into it as well. They weren’t playing.”

This is the first ever case in which Facebook will disclose identities of problematic users. According to the orders of the respected court, Facebook is bound to reveal the names, email and IP addresses of four accused Internet trolls. Once they are exposed, Brookes will use that information to file a lawsuit against the individuals.

The court order is yet to be received by Facebook, which will be then be sent to the company’s headquarter in the United States following California law. A representative from Facebook says the company will obey the court orders.

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