Steps to Make your YouTube Channel Popular

To say YouTube is a large site would be an understatement. With a wide range of videos being uploaded to the site on daily basis, creators are forced to deliver fresh, original content that viewers can enjoy. Failure to do so will render your channel irrelevant even before it gets the chance to get a single view. Whether you intend to start a video blog, cover popular culture or sports even, the challenge remains. With so much competition, how do you stand out from the rest and gain momentum in terms of speed and popularity? This is where this article comes in, the answer to this question is ready, please read on for more details;


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    Catchy Name

    You want to make your YouTube channel popular? The name is everything. This is the first thing people hear and if it sounds horrible, too long or boring, they lose interest, something catchy and intriguing that will make people wonder what would that be about shout fit the bill.

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    Infuse your personal style

    Trying to make your channel a clone of one you remember seeing  would make your channel just another channel with another cliché like features. Everything about your YouTube channel should reveal you or what you intend to project or produce from it. It should be original, fresh and creative. Your designs, colors, image and the general outlook of your channel should be different from what others have always produced. Have a good cover photo for each video, give videos exciting title that will make viewers want to check it out, reveal you that people can connect to.

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    Quality and Quantity

    Upload a video at least once a week and then make sure the video is of top notch quality. The camera used should be good, not the ones that make the video look blurry, eliminate every kind of distracting sound that will affect the hearing of the contents to the video. Make use of sound effects to help emphasize on what you want to the audience to hear. Edit well, if you can ask a professional for help to help you get what you want and then learn afterwards, to lessen cost, it should not be too long or too short. It important to make your channel look as professional as possible as anyone can be watching and you want it to be excellent.

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    Be your best self

    Be yourself and be confident when showing up in your vlogs, be charming and be anything that you will know it’s you. People want to subscribe to people that they believe they have something in common or the ones they aspire to be in. It is important to be yourself as people can see any form of falseness one exhibits and might be bored with you.

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    Be lovable

    Putting up things that owe no value to the world and how people feel will not carry you far. In order to reach millions, you’ve got to reach the hearts of millions of people. Do this through the contents you showcase, show emotions through them. Ask yourself, how can I win the hearts of millions of people? There you have it.

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    Engage them

    Make your channel interesting by engaging them in questions and answer leading to interesting commentary. Some people look at the commentary before watching a video and what they see would prompt them to continue watching or not. Devise ways to bring up constructive, interesting discussions.

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    Promote via social media

    Promote your channel among other social platforms through Facebook, Instagram, twitter etc. starting from a friend of a friend and go right round until it gains the momentum it needs, be sure to note that the contents should be interesting enough for people to watch and circulate, if not it will just die out.

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    Get your video featured by a YouTube Editor

    If this happen due to the contents you showcase, then good for you as this will help increase the chances of you getting known. Watch videos of how other YouTube video editors featured and see whether your falls in a category that a YouTube editor can carry on.

  • 9

    Stay Consistent

    Consistency is everything and when you dedicate your time to the video updates and work on the contents then you are on a sure path to getting to the level you desire to be. Until then, keep learning, keep being creative with your ideas and never give up.

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