How to Access Blocked Games

Game websites that provide video games or online gambling are generally very addictive and can easily glue an internet freak to the computer screen for the whole day. This is the main reason why universities, organisations and some corporations deny access to game sites and other vulgar content. Nevertheless, know that there is a way around if you have enough knowledge about computers and gaming. Some people use a proxy to access restricted gaming sites. There are a number of ways to access blocked games by using some easy to follow tricks.

Things Required:

– Computer
– Proxy
– Games


  • 1

    Getting started

    Be aware of the fact that proxies can be used whenever you face a problem of this type. Learn the concept behind it and know that it is a site that allows you to surf without revealing your true identity. The proxy acts as a portal to the internet while displaying as a trusted website to the internet service provider’s security function. As a result, you should look for proxy sites. A simple way to do this is to search “latest proxy sites” or “best proxy sites” on Google or any other search engine. The list of proxy sites is up to date as universities and companies restrict them just like they have a setting on games or pornography sites.

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    Look for a proxy that has not been blocked

    Search for a proxy that you can still get access to. It should not be banned by the college, company or organisation. New proxies are always added on the internet and you should prefer these as they will have fewer chances of not being added on your internet service provider’s filter table. In addition, remember that it will just take some time before they find out this proxy and block it. So keep an eye for a new proxy at all times.

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    Using a proxy

    Enter the URL of the banned game site in the space provided by the proxy. The proxy has an area where you can enter the URL. The http:// part of the URL is usually offered by default. Press the button near the URL to open the gaming site. Hide your computer screen to avoid someone catching you while you are at it.

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