How to Buy Art On Ebay

Auction site eBay is one of best online sources to buy a wide variety of items, including art. You can buy art pieces from sellers directly and contact wholesalers to buy items in bulk and lower prices. Buying directly from sellers is better, especially if the seller is also the original artist. This allows you to chat and get to know the person better, which can be helpful in future purchases. However, like any online shopping website, eBay also requires safety precautions on your end.


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    First of all, you should know that you need an account on eBay for selling and purchasing goods, and if you are a regular user of the auction site, you probably have an account. If not, you need to register with the site online, giving your contact details and other information.

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    When you register with eBay, you will be asked how you would like to make payments. PayPal is one of the safest online payment modes and security of your transactions is essential since you will be using your credit card, which if compromised, can cause losses and hassle.

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    You should know before hand what type of art you are intending to buy, and then browse the site accordingly. For example, if you are looking to buy some paintings, browse the paintings section, then choose the format, themes and colour schemes. The selection of medium and colours scheme is entirely up to you, and the website will show you options accordingly.

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    Once you have shortlisted the art pieces you like, you can visit the sellers page to know more about him/her. Sellers on eBay have reputations and rankings according to the feedback left by previous customers, this can help you assess whether the seller is reliable.

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    You can also buy art work from wholesalers or agents. People offer their services, selling the work of other artists online through proxy bidding etc. You can buy art from these sellers as well, but expect the cost to be higher as compared to purchases from direct sellers.

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    Delivery times and shipping charges are also listed on the product page. If you do not receive your item within the stipulated time period, you can either contact the supplier, to know if there is any particular reason behind the delayed delivery, or if turns out to be a fake person, you can apply for refund of your money from PayPal. This is the benefit of using Paypal since you are refunded almost the entire amount you have paid to buy a product on eBay.

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