How to Make a Website Wave Animation

It is easy to make simple animated graphics for your web page using picture modifying applications. In this article we will use GIMP as an example. GIMP is a free program similar to Photoshop, but unlike Photoshop it is free to all users.

In GIMP, the picture is stored as a GIF computer file. Other applications provide different computer file types in addition to GIF animated graphics.The end results in all are nearly the same and at the end, it all comes down to the expertise level of the operator.

So what are you waiting for?

Learn the tricks of the trade today and start making simple and advanced animated graphics.


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    Follow the example and be creative. Build a web page business brand using this method or other small animated graphics for your web page. Remember, as with all effects, do not overuse it and tamper with many images to create something unusual for your web page.

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    Open your picture in GIMP. You can really use any picture. You can use a company brand or any picture of a person or object. Broad scenery is good for creating subjective art, but generally become too complicated.

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    From the FILTERS selection, choose ANIMATION and WAVES to start the cpanel. The FRAMES choice decides how many frames will be in the animatronics. Better the variety, longer the animatronics will run. When you provide the animatronics you can decide on a LOOP choice which will cause the animatronics to perform in a loop duplicating itself.

    AMPLITUDE is the height of the trend. WAVELENGTH decides the span of the trend. Experience these settings and study the impact on your animatronics. Once you are finished, just click OK.

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    You can perform your animatronics inside GIMP by reselecting the animatronics button and selecting PLAY ANIMATION. This will start a separate screen with the animation. When you are satisfied, preserve your picture to start up the GIMP preserve board. Give your animatronics a name and choose GIF from the expanded computer file selection. When you are done just click SAVE.

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    Saving will start the EXPORT screen. Select SAVE AS ANIMATION and then just click export. Your picture will be stored as a GIF animatronics to your selected directory.

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