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In this modern age, some people still don’t have some kind of digital camera, whether it is the one inside their cell phone or a separate high-end DSLR. Previously, people used to show pictures of their friends and family on internet via email, but with the advent of Facebook, things are entirely changed. Facebook brings the new mode of photo sharing.

There are several photo specific sites that can be used as an alternate to Facebook. These sites include Flickr, Picasa, SmugMug and Photobucket. Flickr is one of the oldest site, having a huge community of users and can be interacted through many ways. Besides, you can store all your digital pictures privately in it.

For all those who want something different than Facebook, several photo specific sites can be used as an alternate. In just $25 a year, you can have an unlimited option to upload high resolution photos. 500px is altogether a different project. This site only includes your very best photos, and you have the option to sell your work.

In addition to that, you can get many advantages while uploading a picture to a photo-sharing site. You can send your photos to professionals photo finishers. Besides, you can create a book of your photos by using Most sites also have the access to the local pharmacy chain and send your pictures over there. You can get prints from there, and also avail services by which you can print the photos on the mugs and shirts, calendars and much more.

Since Instagram has been acquired by Facebook in 1 billion, the reigning social network Facebook recently released new camera app for iPhone, which is similar in nature to photo sharing app, Instagram. The app is standalone and is a much quicker way to take images from your iPhone to a Facebook account as compared to regular Facebook app. However, you have several other apps to share and edit photos. Adobe Photoshop Express, Tumblr and Path have apps that allow you to share photos online. Whatever your photo sharing need is, given below is the information of different photo sharing sites according to your need;


  • 1

    500 px

    A photo site that let you share your friends and family photos, and posting to your favorite social network or printing, and above all you can share your best photos. Recently, the site comes up with excellent new redesign and lovely interface.

  • 2

    Adobe Photoshop Express

    This site allows its user to edit, store and share your photos online. Besides, you can share edited photos to all the social networking sites. This service is also compatible with iOS and Android apps.

  • 3

    With blurb, you have the option of creating a photo book with the help of an online photo service. It also enables its users to view full size previews of their photo books, and comment on it from their Facebook account.

  • 4


    The largest photo-focused community recently underwent a stunning new redesign, with enhanced photo views. It also includes a new HTIML5-based photo uploader. It is the right place where you have multiple options of interacting with images and photographers online.

  • 5


    Fotki, the world’s largest social networking sites, offers a free account that gives you 3GB online storage. Besides, you can sell prints of your creativity from this site.

  • 6

    Google Picasa

    Picasa allows you to edit your digital photos whilst providing powerful editing tools in a local app that integrates well with online galleries. It also allows you to tag and share your favorite photos with Google+.

  • 7


    Launched in 2010, Instagram can be addictive in the way, it allows users to snap a picture, apply a digital filter to it and then share it on your favorite social networking site. Now it's acquired by Facebook.

  • 8


    Path offers an easy, graceful, and spontaneous way to share your pictures with your friends and family. Dave Morin, Co-founder and CEO, says “Our long-term grand vision here is to build a network that is very high quality and that people feel comfortable contributing to at any time.”

  • 9


    Pinterest is surely an effective way to share photos, as it allows people to make and administer theme-based photo collections such as events, leisure pursuits and much more.

  • 10


    An image hosting service, the Photobucket sharing site even provides tolerable video mixing and slideshow creation. It was founded in 2003, but later on acquired by Fox Interactive Media in 2007.

  • 11


    It is a free service, which takes photos from Instagram and seamlessly presents them on the web. Pinstagram enables you share your photos to Facebook and Twitter. Besides, you can use Instagram’s heart and commenting by using this site.

  • 12


    SmugMug is an elegant online photo sharing site, which has millions of passionate customers. However, its interface looks a bit outdated as compared to Flickr or Picasa.

  • 13


    A micro blogging platform and a social networking website, Tumbr allows users to upload multiple images in a single post and share them with a huge audience.

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