Facebook Releases New Camera App for Iphone After IPO Fizzles

Just days after Facebook made an Initial Public Offering on the Nasdaq, the social networking site launched a new camera app for the iPhone. On May 24 the Mark Zuckerberg led company made the new app, called Facebook Camera, available for download on Apple’s App Store.

Facebook Camera seems like a logical step for Facebook because the social network has become the world’s largest photo sharing site which is one of its most popular features. What some people find interesting about the new app is that it is very similar in nature to another photo sharing app, Instagram. Facebook is close to acquiring Instagram for 1 billion but the process has not yet been completed. Mouth pieces for the social network have stated that Facebook Camera and Instagram will remain two separate entities after the acquisition is complete. It has also been confirmed that none of the team from Instagram worked on Facebook Camera and the app was completely developed in-house.

Facebook Camera functions like a lot of other camera apps out there by letting users quickly take pictures with their iPhone, edit the image, add comments and then share it on Facebook. The app is stand alone and is a much quicker way to get images from the iPhone to a Facebook account than the regular Facebook app. Facebook Camera has several cool new features including 14 filters, the ability to do batch uploads and a slick interface. The multi-picture upload may be a winner for the app because it is something Instagram does not offer.

The current version of Facebook Camera is only available in English speaking countries and does not have a version for Android. The makers of the app have not yet commented on when users should expect the app for their android powered phones.

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