Easy way to get followers on Vine

Vine is becoming increasingly more popular, where did such growth come from? Well if you didn’t know Vine is actually owned by Twitter… Which is currently estimated at $8billion so you can imagine with all that money and such a simple concept of Vine with the 6-second videos, the popularity has stormed upwards.

Have you seen profiles on Vine that produce worse videos than you? Me too. Ever wondered how they got much more followers than you? Well let’s just say it certainly isn’t because of the videos they’re producing… They know stuff you don’t its as simple as that and today you will learn the basics on how to build followers via Vine with great ease.

All the methods below are 100% legal and abide by Vine’s terms and conditions, so you have absolutely nothing to worry about – your account will never be banned as Step By Step does not believe in breaking rules, we abide by them and give you that extra bit of knowledge as that is the smart way to do things if you want to build heaps of followers within the long term – short cuts never work out for followers nor for life in general.

Now for the steps, look below:


  • 1

    Make an account with Vine

    Easiest way to do this; connect via your Twitter and you can instantly make an account for Vine otherwise email sign up is very easy and right now they do not even ask you to confirm your email address… so you can make a vine account within seconds, literally. (Give a real email incase you lose your password!)

  • 2

    Vine profile

    This is important, what separates you from the rest? Why should someone follow you? Do you look like a spam account? Do you look like an attention seeker? Such thoughts will go into peoples minds – so the best thing to do is:

    1) Have a clear profile picture – confirm to the world that you’re a human being

    2) Use your real name – If your name is David Johnson, don’t just put down “Dave” be sure to write your Full name or at least your proper first name as people will not take you seriously with all these random nicknames.

    3) Biography, a very small section for Vine that allows you to write a little bit about yourself. Keep it simple and funny but make sure you add somewhere within your bio (follow back or get unfollowed)

  • 3

    Snipe mode

    You’re probably thinking the person writing this guide must be some ex murderer with the title “snipe mode” with this, what I mean is picking the right shot, picking the right people to follow.

    Let’s give you an example on who not to follow: vine.co/KingBach – this person has over 5.5million followers and his followers follow him because of funny vines, if you go and follow his followers they are unlikely to follow you back

    However if you went to follow: https://vine.co/u/990070551626289152 notice how she has 53.8K followers right now but she is following a crazy 236K+ that means she has already done all the fishing for you! Go and hit the 53.8K followers scroll down the list and start hitting follow as this list is likely to get you a huge amount of follow backs

  • 4

    Don’t follow too fast

    Although Vine does not have any ban system as of yet for following too fast but when you do follow very, very fast they have a cooling off period… so if you follow too fast they will disable your follow button for an hour, just to be safe try not to follow more than 5,000 people a day… But as I said there is no ban system in place for Vine as they’re new and looking for people like you that will send out alerts to other people, mass following to show there app is active. They love people like us right now that follow tons of people – it shows there app is great and gets users addicted.

  • 5


    Right now there is no website that allows you to see who doesn’t follow you back therefore if you really did want to unfollow it would have to be randomly from your profile “following” we would not recommend this as when a persons checks and you’ve unfollowed them they will unfollow you as well. For now focus on building followers, as a tool will be out very soon to check who unfollowed you and you can flush them out then.

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