How to Export Email Addresses of Facebook Friends

You will find different kind of applications which allow you to transfer your friends contact information out of Facebook. However, none of these applications are that much reliable to download the contacts. Facebook Application Programming Interface (API) doesn’t reveal the email information of the users, thus none of the application would actually help you to get the personal information of your friends. There are some techniques to get the actual data of your friends, but those are considered as illegal and eventually you will be blocked on Facebook. However, I have discovered a simple method to download Facebook address book along with all the email addresses of friends. It is quite helpful if you want to import these emails into your email client such as Hotmail, Gmail, Outlook or Yahoo etc, or even in some other applications. In this article, I have listed down the procedure of downloading Facebook friends email addresses in seven simple steps.


  • 1

    First of all, you need to have a Yahoo Mail account. If you don’t have an account, then create a new account now.

    Once you are signed in to your Yahoo! Mail account, then open which will redirect you to the page, where you have to click on to the Facebook icon.

  • 2

    Now click on Allow

  • 3

    Click on the Done button.

  • 4

    You have successfully imported all your Facebook contacts into your Yahoo! Mail account. Now to export your contacts, move your cursor at the Contacts tab. Then, click on Tools and then Export.

  • 5

    Now, select export from the list of options. I am using CSV because this format can be imported into your email address book quite easily.

  • 6

    Carefully type the CAPTCHA code in the given field and click on Export Now. If the code is not clear, click on Try a new code.

  • 7

    Now Save File and click on OK.

    Done! You have successfully downloaded the email addresses of all your Facebook friends.

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