How to Build Your Twitter Audience

Social media websites are an excellent way to promote yourself or your business or just about anything else that you have on your mind. All you have to do is to build an audience and then you are more than half way through to your goal.

Building an audience on Twitter, the world famous micro blogging website, is something that takes time as well as skill. One has to make sure that they plan and execute well in order to achieve their ulterior goals. It’s not rocket science and only takes some sensible steps that you can follow to succeed.


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    Link Accounts

    If you have accounts existing on Facebook or Google plus or any other social networking website, connect it to your Twitter account. This is an early advantage as many of them will be on Twitter and will get to see your Tweets and may join you. If you follow those in your friends on other sites, there is every likelihood they will follow you back.

    Also make sure that you add your Twitter account information on other social networking websites and have your work information posted. This will cross promote you which is not a bad thing.

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    Stick to Certain Topics

    Do not go Tweeting on every little bit that comes online. Pick relevant topics and Tweet on them only. Make sure that you remain civilised and even if you are criticising something or someone, you do it in a cultured manner. Do not get personal and give space to others to get back to you. Do not Tweet every ten seconds as no one can follow you on that speed and will make them lose interest in a hurry.

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    Make Tweets Interesting

    When you Tweet, try to make it interesting. This will get you a chance of being re-tweeted which will in turn give you an opportunity to broaden your audience base. If the Tweet that gets re-tweeted is on a hashtag that is doing well, you will certainly get more followers on twitter.

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    If you can have a celebrity to follow you or even re-tweets you, then you are likely going to get a ton of followers. Celebrities have a crazy number of followers and they do not mind following anyone who the celebrity is already following or re-tweeting. This can be a great boost to your visibility.

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