How to Change the World Using Social Media

Previously, even if you has a great idea that could make things better or wanted to voice your opinion in protest, you had very little platforms to do so. Things have changed a lot in today’s world of widespread technology and internet. Social media has become extremely powerful and has given people the leverage to share thoughts, events, ideas, photos and news at an exponential rate. Social media messages have a huge potential to become viral and get to a large number of people in a short period of time. These messages can thus bring about a change that is supported by a large number of people. This change could be both small and huge in nature. The step by step guide below is about influencing and changing the world through the use of social media.


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    Create accounts:

    There are many social media platforms but the most famous ones on the internet are Facebook, Youtube and twitter. Make accounts on these sites and add to your list relevant people who are interested in your message and believe in the same philosophy.  Create a group which states the change you want and how you are going to work towards it. Some change notions can be as simple as getting maximum people to sign a petition against or in favor of a new law in the country.

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    Choose something to change:

    There are a lot of positive changes an individual can bring. Your choice of the change for is driven by your own personal feelings and the extent of the need for that change. Change does not necessarily have to be revolutionary like that in Egypt where twitter was used extensively to increase protests against the government. change could be as small as running an online group where people who want to donate blood are brought in touch with those who need it. Choose something you are passionate about because it will provide you the natural drive needed.

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    Spread the message:

    Invite other like minded people to your cause and ask them to promote the change that you want through the use of social media which is free. The more people the message reaches and impacts, the greater chances you have of creating the change you want. For example if you want to reduce the number of heart patients and bring a change with that, you can circulate information messages that have diet and exercise suggestions for obese people.

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