Top 10 Funniest People to Follow on Twitter

Apart from providing you the opportunity to interact with your friends and family members without having to leave the comfort of your home or take time out of your busy schedule, social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter offer you a number of opportunities for entertainment. If you feel tired or depressed for some reason, reading a funny tweet can help you laugh and relax after a hard day. There are countless comedians and celebrities who have Twitter profiles, which they use for expressing their opinions in tweets comprising 140 characters or less. If you frequently find yourself craving a good laugh, you must follow the funniest people on Twitter, who can make you laugh your heart out.


  • 1

    Sh*t My Dad Says (@sh*tmydadsays)

    This account is run by a guy who is absolutely hilarious, proof of which is the fact that he has almost half a million followers on Twitter. He often comes up with tweets which can leave people laughing for hours.

  • 2

    Bad Banana (@badbanana)

    This account is operated by Tim Sidell, who hails from Nebraska. He is extremely funny and possesses a wonderful sense of humour. Sidell is a regular tweeter, and has a large number of followers.

  • 3

    Stephen Colbert (@stephenathome)

    With more than a million followers on Twitter, Stephen Colbert has a witty sense of humour, and can make you laugh out loud even if you are not in the mood. He tweeted a few days back:

    "Happy 60th birthday communist china. fyi - in america that's traditionally the debt-forgiving anniversary."

  • 4

    Meeting Boy (@meetingboy)

    He does not possess a huge fan following but Meeting Boy can be very humorous at times, having a limited but devoted group of fans.

  • 5

    Baron Vaughn (@barvonblaq)

    Baron Vaughn is a well-known comedian and actor, who loves to crack jokes through his tweets.

  • 6

    Not Gary Busey (@GaryJBusey)

    This is a fake account for Gary Busey. The real Gary appears to be a simple person, but this profile shares very funny tweets related to him, which make for an interesting read for his followers.

  • 7

    Tremendous News! (@tremendousnews)

    This is a humourous site about technology, and the changing cultures of different societies.

  • 8

    John Hodgman (@hodgman)

    John Hodgman is often seen in ads for Apple. His tweets are usually very funny and creative.

  • 9

    Arj Barker (@arjbarker)

    A popular actor, Arj Barker travels a lot and keeps his followers updated through humorous tweets and pictures.

  • 10

    Fake Michael Bay (@fakemichaelbay)

    This is a fake account for Michael Bay, but the person running this account does come up with extra-ordinary ideas and witty jokes.

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