How to Share Files on Facebook with Box.Net

The personal storage company allows you to upload files, documents, music and then download them onto other devices. Moreover, you can give access of those files to your friends and family instead of sending them through email. You can organize and view all your content online in a simple way. It also allows you to share files on Facebook. And now you can easily share pictures, music, videos and other documents with your friends on Facebook. Read this article and learn the easy steps of sharing files on Facebook with

Step 1: Uploading Files to

First of all you need to set up an account on Once you have successfully made an account then you need to upload some files that you want to share on Facebook.

Step 2:

Add the Facebook Service

In order to share files on Facebook, you first need to enable the Facebook service on account.

Click on the OpenBox button which is located on the right corner of your screen. Then click on All Services.

Step 3:

Go down to Facebook and hit Add Service tab.


Step 4:

Then click on Okay. Now your Facebook service has been added to your account.


Step 5: Share on Facebook

You can share files with the help of in two simple ways.

You can share files on your wall and everyone who has access to your wall, can view these files. The other option is that you can share files with your selective Facebook friends.

To share files, right-click on the file and click on Send or share on fb.


Step 6: Click on Okay


Step 7: Share with Select Friends

In order to share documents with select friends, click on Send as a Message instead.


Step 8:

In front of To field, type your Facebook friends whom you want to share files with. After that enter a message and click on Send Message.


Step 9:

The message will be sent to your friend’s inbox, from where he/she can access and download the shared file.

Step 10: Share with Everyone

Simply repeat the above steps in order to share file with everyone. Click on the padlock symbol and enable Everyone from the list of options and then click Share.


Step 11: Facebook Files Application

This application is powered by which allows you to login to your account by using Facebook.

To add this application in Facebook, go to Facebook Files Application and click on Go to application.


Step 12: Click on Allow


Step 13:

Now provide details to enable this application to communicate with your account.


Step 14:

That’s all. You have created the Facebook File application in Facebook and linked it with your account. You can access this application anytime by clicking on the Files icon.files

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