How to Get Twitter Followers

It is really well said by Guy Kawasaki, who is a venture capitalist of Silicon Valley, “Truth be told, there are only two kinds of Twitter users: those that want more followers and those that lie.” This statement seems to be controversial but let me tell you, most of the people do want to increase their followers on Twitter. And, if you are reading this article, you might be one of those fanatics. There are some unethical ways through which you can increase your followers, which is obviously against the twitter rules and eventually this is a zero sum game. But the good news is that there are a good number of ways of increasing your followers ethically and securely. Read this simple article and promote your twitter account with full vivacity.


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    Do advertisement on Twitter

    Twitter provides different ways and solutions to effectively promote your profile and increase your followers. Moreover, they offer you several techniques through which you can promote your tweets or promote trends. Whatever technique you apply, your message will be differently appear on Twitter. It is indeed an influential method of promoting yourself when applied with other techniques such as running a contest etc. When you promote your profile, you will eventually get more following directly. On the other hand, if you promote your tweets and trends, it will help you to drive other initiatives used to get fame and eminence for yourself.

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    Run a contest

    Running a contest is another amazing technique to grow followers. Offer different perks and prizes but make sure to clearly define all the rules and regulations of entry in the contest. Be creative! Offer something like vacation to a good location, a meeting with a celebrity or something like that. Contests always help in drawing attention of people. Launch your contest and you will see a great increase in traffic. But make sure to tweet about your contest on weekly basis until you achieve your goal.

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    You can find a huge amount of directories of Twitter users online. Some of them are WeFollow, Twiends, and Twellow. All you need to do is simple add yourself to maximum directories which comes under the proper categories. By doing this, you will see a considerable increase in users following you from these sites.

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    Guest Blogging

    You don’t own any blog? Well, it’s not a big issue. You can easily gain popularity by writing posts for other blogs. Running a blog isn’t that easy. However, most people and companies do appreciate well written content on their blogs to give you a break. So if you get an opportunity to guest post, then link to your blog along with your Twitter account. You will get a good response from people if they liked your post. Also offer some incentives to the readers and they will follow you. Apply this strategy and you will how effective it can be.

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    Blog about your Twitter account

    On the same note, if you are running your own blog, write something about your Twitter account. You can also write on these topics like how do you find twitter, what changes you want in twitter etc. However, you do have to mention your Twitter account in your articles.

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    Do podcasts

    Podcasting is also a useful way to attract people. It helps in giving exposure to your expertise, and ultimately increases traffic. It is quite similar to blog, but the only difference is that it is in audio form instead of written words.

    Podcast is creating is a very simple process. You just need to download a program like Audacity. Record whatever you want to speak, do editing, and insert music you like for an intro and make an ending by mentioning your existence on Twitter.

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    Add a Twitter Widget

    Twitter Widget is a great source of promoting yourself, and you can add it on LinkedIn where all your recent tweets will be displayed. Moreover, you can add it on your blog and many other places online to find new followers.

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    Webinars are basically online seminars, and is quite similar to an offline seminar. Its plus point is that you will get both online and offline audiences from it. It is a great source of getting Twitter followers, as you can gain attention of the audience by linking your Twitter account directly throughout the webinar. Add your Twitter information at the bottom right corner of your slideshow. This will become visible to many attendees, because they will surely look in that corner of the presentation. Apply this strategy and you will see a remarkable increase in followers.

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    Video tutorial

    Most of us love to watch videos. At times, it is our most preferable source for learning something new. Some people find it really difficult to learn from written guides, and prefer to learn from content that can be easily understandable for them. Creating video tutorials, about your expertise in a specific area, is a perfect medium to get good fame and appreciation.  Just mention your Twitter username in different places in the video. Also include your username at the end of your video, and if people find your video interesting and helpful, they will definitely follow you. You can upload your videos on YouTube where you will certainly get an amazing response.

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    Become a forum moderator

    Try to become a forum moderator in a particular forum where you find yourself quiet conversant and well-informed. Add a link of your Twitter account in your forum bio, and if you are active contributor in your forum, you will become more famous and well-known. In this way, you will ultimately get some loyal followers.

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    Things you can do in the real world

    Apart from all the techniques that you will apply over the Internet to promote your Twitter account, you can also do things in the real world and this will help you to get a reasonable response from the people. You can attend several conferences and discuss about yourself and your Twitter account. Moreover, you can host a debate or organize different events to broaden your social circle.

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