How to Use Twitter for Your Business

The growing use of social media for interaction and communication around the world has caused many businesses to change their marketing strategies in recent years. Today, an effective online presence is considered crucial for the sucess of any business, be it small or large. If you are running a business and are concerned about intense competition and lack of attention, you need to consider using social networking tools like Twitter. If Twitter is not part of your business’s marketing strategy, you are missing out a lot in terms of loyal customers/clients. Although there are several other social media tools, Twitter stands out as one of the most effective.


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    Choose a Twitter username to go with your original business name. The username is one of the most crucial factors in making your Twitter account recognizable. People should quickly be able to judge what business your company is into and how it can solve their problems and meet their demands. The Twitter page of your business should have all your latest promotions and news so that your customer's can follow you. Unless you are someone like Matt Cutts of Google, you shouldn't use your personal name to make your business account on Twitter.

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    Upload a digital copy of your business logo and use it as your profile picture. This is very important to lend recognition to your account, so that users can identity it at a glance. Branding is very an important aspect for most businesses, and Twitter allows you to do that with full freedom.

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    Complete your Twitter account profile so that your users have access to more information about your company and brand. Completing your profile will require you to give as many details about your business as you can in a limited number of words. Do not go overboard in explaining every single detail of your past successes or business philosophy and just stick to the main points. Focus on three features when completing your profile: location, bio and website. Remember that your Twitter followers may be from other countries, cities and continents, so you should tell them how they can reach you if they have to. Share your website address with followers so they can browse your catalogue or get more information about your business.

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