Recover Facebook Password

If you log in to your Facebook account from different places (home, office, public places), you are putting your account at great risk of being hacked. There is always the threat of someone hacking your usernames and passwords on shared computer systems or networks.

Being locked out of your Facebook account can be the worst feeling ever as there is a lot of personal information of yours sitting there. But don’t worry because you can recover your Facebook password if you are able to provide verification information they need.

Just follow the instructions given in this StepbyStep guide to learn how to recover your Facebook password in no time. However, once you do  recover your password, make sure you set a secure new password and note it down with yourself for future reference.


  • 1

    Make sure that your laptop or computer is on an that your operating system is fully loaded. Find your internet browser icon and double click on it. Browse to the homepage.

  • 2

    Click on the “Forgot your password?” option below the password bar and that will take you to to password recovery page.

  • 3

    Facebook will give you options to choose from. You can enter your email address, your phone number, your Facebook ID or your full name. Press the search button after entering any of the required information.

  • 4

    Facebook will try to match your input with its database and identify an account for you. You will be taken to a new page showing the account so that you can confirm if it’s yours. Click “This is my account” to proceed.

  • 5

    You can then use your email address or your cell phone number to confirm your identity. Press “Reset password” to receive a reset code in your email/cellphone.

  • 6

    Enter the reset code to recover your account. Make sure you change your password and remember it well!

  • 7

    If you face any difficulties with these instructions then try them again from the beginning and take your time so that you do not skip any step. However, if you still need more help then you can go to the 'Help' section on Facebook.

    A good rule is to set an alphanumeric password which is at least 10 characters long and then note it down in a secure place in case your forget it.

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