How to Protect your Brand from Social Media Crisis

Did you ever come across a situation, where unsatisfied consumers are found spreading negative feedback about your products or services and you remained unaware when it happened?

In the past users did not have a medium to spread out their word about their experience for any product or service to share their level of satisfaction. However, in this era new media has blessed the end user with a privilege of global reach where they can share their views with just one click.

This privilege by new media is good in a sense that companies can keep themselves aware by the direct user feedback in order to make their consumers satisfied.

Here are some signs that will give you an idea of how a Social Media crisis strikes at a brand.

Information Asymmetry; when an organization remains unaware of rumors and meme’s spreading about them.

Decisive Change from the Normal Routine, always remember criticism is not a sign of social media crisis.

Materialistic Impact on your Brand, such as you find a consumer of your product or service abusing it over social media.

Well, below are some steps that will definitely be of help for you to protect your Brand from Social Media Crisis.


  • 1

    Keep a daily check on all of your social media properties in order to counter any situation that arises at the same moment. In this case and other similar tools are found to be quiet helpful.

  • 2

    Be Responsive provides a feedback to your consumers as they talk about you, leaving them clueless can make it go viral, where situation might get out of control. Always remember your competitors are watching you.

  • 3

    Reply positively because many little matters have turned into crisis because of defensive statements of the organizations and keep your dialogue positive.

  • 4

    Analyze and Document all such situation ever occurred and keep a track of your improvement based on consumer’s feedback.

    This will also help you in developing good strategies and training material for your future employees in future.

  • 5

    Refer to some case studies related to social media crisis of bigger brands as it will help you to understand the problem and how did they managed to recover their reputation.

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