Facebook Now Set to Dig Deeper In The Mobile Market

Although May 2012 proved to be disastrous for Facebook but that still hasn’t wavered its determination to remain a key player in the market. After its IPO fiasco and share value falling even below $30, making this social network giant lose close to $35 billion of value; some Tech gurus had struck this company off while others were anticipating a more forceful return.

What now seems is that Mark Zuckerberg and his team are bent on proving the later right. A blatant testimony of this fact are reports of Facebook’s plan to buy Opera – a light weight mobile web browser. There have also been news of Mark Zuckerberg’s plan to diversify his company’s expertise in the mobile market, which are given weightage by its alleged plans to hire Apple’s engineers to build Facebook’s own smartphones.

Although it seems very obvious that Facebook must eventually have a high impact in the mobile industry, but Facebook’s conspicuous silence in this matter has fueled many speculations regarding these plans. Considering more and more users are starting to browse through their phones, its plans to now capture the mobile market won’t come as a surprise to many.

For Mark Zuckerberg, it is of course the ultimate option, because he doesn’t want Facebook to remain merely an app on mobile phones, rather he wants to have a hold of the market with a smartphone. The team of Facebook has gone so far as to admit: “We’re working across the entire mobile industry; with operators, hardware manufacturers, OS providers, and application developers.”

Although faring well at the stock market was another of Mr. Zuckerberg’s dream that he wanted to turn into reality, but him and his team have shown the tech world that giants do not fall that easily. Rather, they keep coming back with more, better ideas to sink their feet.

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