10 Creative Ways to Use Pinterest for Business

You have been hearing about the Pinterest everywhere these days, but what is this remarkable website that has everyone buzzing around? Pinterest is basically one among today’s fastest growing virtual inspiration websites. As the name represents, this amazingly designed social media website allows its users to “pin” things online, just as you would pin them on a real life bulletin board.  However, Pinterest saves all of the pins of its users on their account so that they can easily access them anytime they want. The most amazing achievement of Pinterest is that it is the flashing website in the history as it is even ahead of Twitter, Google and Facebook, with more than 10 million unique monthly visitors / users. Now you might be thinking to take advantage of it in development of your business. Carry on thinking and work on it as it is a superb and powerful tool to promote your business. No matter what type of business you run, you can use Pinterest to interact buyers and the decision makers online. Moreover, there are many more creative ways to use Pinterest for business:


  • 1

    Buzz for Your Product with a Photo Contest

    Being a social photo sharing website, Pinterest is a great place to conduct contests. Take advantage of this unique feature and organize a photo contests in order to spread the words about the properties of your products and for their free branding. Users from all around the globe will pin the photos of your business products to share them with their friends, bringing in more traffic and increasing the popularity of your products.

  • 2

    Provide your audience with high-quality content

    Try your best to provide your audience with best-quality content on Pinterest. For example, you can provide your followers with some problem-solving and useful tips along with some practical information. Continue providing useful information until you find the users treating you influential on Pinterest. It boosts your business’ reputation, attracting more attention from your followers.

  • 3

    Pin some efficacious shopping lists

    Create some impressive shopping lists for your followers on Pinterest, containing your products. What you can do is, form a Pinterest board and place pins as “Shopping lists.” let’s suppose you run a beauty parlor. So, you can create Pinterest board for various segments of makeup like formal makeup, bridal makeup, party makeup, casual makeup, evening makeup, daytime makeup, etc. for each make up segment, you can generate pins as shopping lists.

    For example, a bridal makeup would need some eye-shades, lipstick, foundation, mascara, eyelashes, blush-on, eye pencil and so on. Make sure to provide real value with all your pins and it is even better to slip in your own products there.

  • 4

    Add the price tag to recommend a Gift

    Have you ever noticed the price tags on the various items posted on Pinterest? You can also add price tags to your products so that your audience can select the items according to his or her budget.

    All you have to do in order to a price tag is, simply add the price of the specific product in the description, using the “$” symbol. For example, if you write “This make-up kit is $10.99 only,” the price tag that will appear on the specific image will be “$10.99,” Moreover; it will also appear in the “Gifts” category.

  • 5

    Use Pinterest as an imposing marking tool

    There are some basic questions that you really have to keep in mind if you really want to see your business developing day by day. For example, what are the preferences of your customers, what do they think, what do they want to purchase, what products are trending in the market, and what is the market demand at the moment etc. you can find the answers of all these basic questions with the help of Pinterest, which is one among the simple but best marketing tools.

    It offers a unique feature known as “live feed” that is helpful in providing you with an exact update about what your target buyers think and want to purchase right now.

  • 6

    Create product bundles

    Another interesting way to take advantage of Pinterest is to use it in the formation of product bundles. For example, you can put together some related items together and promote the whole package as a “Bundle.”

    Creating one product bundle per week is enough to go with. For example, if you have a clothing business, then you can create product bundle of shirt, frock, skirt, bag, shoes, and bracelet for a week and so on. You will find your customers, subscribing to your feeds in order to check out if you release a bundle that they will be fond of.

  • 7

    Involve your Pinterest followers

    Your followers on Pinterest are your prospect customers. So it is another good idea to involve them in the decision making of your company by getting ideas and suggestions from them. Encourage and invite all your followers to throw up all their innovative ideas on a Pinterest board.

    Once you get bundles of ideas from your customers, consider them properly and take advantage of them practically. Do not overlook any of the ideas as your followers’ suggestions are your key to success in today’s world of tough competition.

  • 8

    Create Coupon Pinboard for your business

    Place all your business’ coupons on the Pinterest board in order to grab the attention of discount seeking and budget conscious followers. You will find hundreds of followers pinning you until the last date of your discount offers. This simple activity is useful for both the owners and customers. For example, it plays vital role in providing your customers with value by assisting them save money. At the same time it lends a hand to the owners of various businesses in the promotion of their products.

  • 9

    Show a more in-depth look of your business

    Believe it or not, most of the customers are truly very inquisitive to know about the various steps involved in the making of various products they buy. For example, how are your various products made, and what are the various components or ingredients used in the preparation of your items etc. so experience the fun and amazing activity of making a pinboard to post the photos of your products.

  • 10

    Comment on other’s pin boards

    Do not act like typical competitor and try to comment on other businesses’ pin boards as well.  It is your opportunity to expand your business by attracting more and more customers / followers.

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