Top 10 Beauty Blogs on YouTube

Youtube is one of the most popular websites in the world, with millions of internet users visiting the site every single day. It caters to people of all ages, housing a variety of videos and clips.

There are thousands of beauty tutorials or blogs on youtube as well, helping people from all across the globe look beautiful. If you are looking for a particular hairstyle or any style of makeup, you can just log onto youtube and watch the tutorial.

However, choosing the right blog on youtube can be a headache and a time consuming activity because there are thousands of search results about any given topic.


  • 1

    The Beauty Department

    The Beauty Department is run by three high-quality make-up artists, Lauren Conrad, Amy Nadine and Kristin Ess. It provides make-up tutorials, hairstyles, beauty tips, trends and inspiration. This channel has more than 52 thousand subscribers.

  • 2

    Michelle Phan

    Michelle Phan is considered to be one of the best makeup experts on youtube as she has already received more than 479 million views on the site, which is a massive number. She also happens to be the online spokesperson for LancĂ´me.

  • 3

    Beauty Broadcast

    With more than 227 thousand subscribers, Beauty Broadcast is one of the most popular beauty blogs on youtube. Women regularly visit this blog to see videos of Emily Eddington about make-up reviews, tutorials and fragrances. Since the last four years, she has been running the annual Emily Awards as well.

  • 4


    It is a nail care blog, offering basic French manicures and some other designs like plaids, lace or tie-dye.

  • 5

    Luxy Hair

    Luxy Hair is owned by Mimi and Leyla, two sisters. It is about hair extensions, its tutorials, braids and basic styling.

  • 6


    This channel teaches you about creating your own beauty products and treatments, adopting a DIY approach.

  • 7

    Kandee Johnson

    Kandee Johnson is a high-quality celebrity make-up artist, having worked for CNN, ABC, MTV and CBS. On her blog and the youtube channel, she offers beauty tips about routine life.

  • 8


    Tiffany is an Atlanta-based makeup artist, having compiled numerous product reviews and tutorials.

  • 9


    Several helpful tutorials catering to young girls have made this channel a success.

  • 10

    Sarah Victor

    She also provides makeup tutorials, which are often inspired by celebrities.

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