Top 10 Olympics Athletes to Follow on Twitter

Many Olympics athletes post interesting updates of their life every day in social networking sites. Twitter is one such place where athletes not only share their everyday activities but also post about their matches, their victories, their gratitude towards fans and even their losses. Twitter is also a way to contact your favourite athlete and if you are lucky, your message will be either retweet or there is a chance you may get the reply. You can even congratulate your favourite athlete when he wins a trophy or achieve an award.


  • 1

    Michael Phelps

    Michael Phelps is a legend in swimming. This record breaking Olympian won his 19th medal at the London Olympics 2012. He received countless wishes after that. Besides this, the 27-year-old shares his training session pictures, medals and everyday life pictures.

  • 2

    Usain Bolt

    Winner of three gold medals at the London Olympics last year, Usain St. Leo Bolt is an active athlete on twitter. He has won several gold medals in his life and is regular tweeter on this social networking site.

  • 3

    Serena Williams

    Number one in tennis, Serena Williams, is one of the greatest athletes to follow on twitter. She is active in this social networking site and you will not only get updates of her everyday fun life but also her tournament information. She completed her Career Golden Grand Slam after capturing gold medal in the singles event at the All England Lawn Tennis in London Olympics 2012. Besides this, she has won three gold medals in the doubles event along with her sister Venus Williams.

  • 4

    Andy Murray

    Britain’s number one in Tennis, Andy Murray, who captured the gold medal at his home ground against 17-time Grand Slam champion, Roger Federer, is on Twitter. The Dunblane native takes long breaks at the social networking site. However, when he comes online, he praises his fans and gives information about his on-going tournament. Murray also tweets his pictures at different tournaments etc.

  • 5

    Kevin Love

    Kevin Love is a great Olympic basketball player. He is active on the social networking site and updates fun facts and other things on his account.

  • 6

    Venus Williams

    American icon and the former world number one in tennis, Venus Williams, is one of the most active athletes on twitter. She updates her training sessions, her fun life and even update about her new collection.

  • 7

    Shaun White

    King of half pipe, Shaun White is one of the great Winter Olympians. He is also on twitter and is active. He won an Olympic gold medal in Torina back in 2006 and fans want him to perform double-cork.

  • 8

    Apolo Ohno

    Five-time world champion, Apolo Ohno is also on Twitter. People watch him like they watch America’s Michael Philipp and he is a legend.

  • 9

    Rachel Flatt

    Star of the figure skater, Rachel Flatt, is one of the great Winter Olympians to be followed on twitter. She is nicknamed Reliable Rachel and is just 17-years old.

  • 10

    Freddy Adu

    Freddy Adu is an American soccer star which is active on twitter. He entertains his followers a lot with his funny tweets.

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