Top 10 Search Engines In the World

Search engines have become something people cannot live without while being on the internet, because quite simply, they are a gateway to the entire virtual world, where there are billions of websites and domains to access and explore.

Not everyone can memorise the names of websites, except a few major ones, which is where search engines come into play and make life for people using the internet a whole lot easier.

Google may definitely be the most well known around the world, but there are many more search engines which are used by millions of people each and every single day.


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    There is no doubting the fact that Google is currently number one throughout the world when it comes to search engine usage. The recent most statistics indicate that 69.5% of all searches are powered through Google alone.

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    Taking over MSN, Microsoft has also emerged as a major play in the world of search engines through Bing. They are still fighting a hard war against Google and seem to be the only true competition to it.

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    Having the title as the most popular email service provider, Yahoo search, which is now powered by Bing, also has a big name when it comes to search engines.

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    Receiving 3% of the share of search queries may not seem much, but compared to hundreds of others out there, it is still a large amount, putting in the top 10.

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    AOL boomed a while back before fizzling out, but  is still used by millions around the world. It has many big website names under its banner.

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    Because of its clean interface, DuckDuckGo is widely used and gives users direct links to what they are searching instead of the numerous ads found on others.

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  • 7 has become famous because of its association with former Google employees and the fact that it is a “spam free search engine”. This search engine is well known within the SEO community.

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  • 8

    Ranked at 297 in the United States in terms of traffic, is no ordinary search engine, providing direct answers to questions and searches.

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    Renowned for its ability to perform all sorts of calculations, Wolframalpha is a unique Computational Knowledge Engine.

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  • 10


    Just like its name, users can use this search engine to check internet archives ever since the web came online. Seeing web history is fun and exciting with WayBackMachine.

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