Top 10 Facebook Apps for Fan Engagement and Building Community

Social media engagement has become a necessity when it comes to fan interaction and building a community. There are a number of apps on Facebook which are designed for this specific purpose, giving value to your efforts on expanding whatever you want.

Luckily, most of these apps are very easy to use as you might have some experience with them. Here are the top Facebook apps for fan engagement and building communities.


  • 1

    Fan of the Week for Pages

    It is highly important to recognise fans for the feedback that they give and the effort they put in promoting your brand. This app is great when it comes to doing that because you can show hundreds and thousands of others who the fan of the week is.

    By going to, you can also add it to your page.

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  • 2


    This is another app which will show which fans have been most active on your page. Instead of naming just one, from this app, you will be able to highlight the top fans for any specific time based on their activity.

    Learn how to install it by visiting


  • 3


    This app is great for sharing the latest stories from your page in the form of a news story along with a pretty display of the newest picture on your page and a title as well. Check out to see how to get it.

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  • 4

    Post Planner

    You may not always be available to give out the latest updates, which is why there is Post Planner. With this app, you can schedule posts with pictures or video. It costs $4.95 per month, but is totally worth it. Find it on

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  • 5


    YouTube may seem like just a place to listen to music, but you can do a lot more through it. Integrating YouTube to your Facebook page can easily allow fans to access your videos on the service. Check out to learn more about it.

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  • 6


    Uploading a video is one thing, but streaming live is always a lot more interactive and fun. Get this app from to use it now.

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  • 7


    Just like a contact form on websites, this app allows fans to get in touch with you by filling out a form. Get more info from

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  • 8

    Constant Contact

    Adding a newsletter signup could not have been easier, especially when most people thought it was impossible. Get started by visiting

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  • 9

    Scribd for Pages

    Sharing documents is also now possible with Scribd for Pages. Sharing a document with your community on Facebook is easier than ever. Visit to get it.

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  • 10


    Operating a storefront from Facebook is now possible with the help of Ecwid. What makes it great is the possibility to integrate it with PayPal, Google Checkout and many more options.

    Get it from

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