Top 10 B2B Companies on Twitter

Social media networking has become a very solid platform for businesses and just about every organization is capitalizing on it to reach a wider audience. One of the most used social media tools for growing business is Twitter. Twitter is being used by literally thousands of organizations, small and large ones alike, and the result of spreading word through this medium is surprisingly good.

Although every kind of organization is using Twitter as a marketing tool, B2B (business to business) companies have also grabbed the attention by their informative tweets, boosting their worth and image. Here is a list of top ten B2B companies that appear to have taken Twitter by storm.


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    Forrester has been around on Twitter since it realized the social media’s true potential, and has been actively giving its tweets to the audience. A market and technology research company with the headquarter in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Forrester has managed to attract hundreds of users on its Twitter page and regularly updates about its plans, projects and new services. If you want to keep updated about Forrester’s upcoming workshops, events and consulting programs that it organizes across the country, you should turn to its Twitter page.

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    Founded by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah in 2006, HubSpot is another IT (Information Technology) company selling marketing software. The company has a good reputation as a B2B business on Twitter and is followed by hundreds of fans. It tweets are regularly circulated, not only on Twitter, but also on other social networking sites such as Facebook and Google+.

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    CME Group

    The world’s largest future exchange company, CME Group has also followed its result-oriented strategy on Twitter. CME Group is followed by a large number of Twitter users, and its tweets are regularly updated and circulated. The company is involved in operating financial derivatives and exchange, mainly in the New York City and Chicago.

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    One of the biggest market search companies, eMarketer has done pretty well on the marketing front as it interacts with hundreds of its Twitter fans on a regular basis. eMarketer’s Twitter page has become a platform for people to stay updated about what the company is doing and what it is going to do next.

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    Another B2B company that you will love to follow on Twitter. If you are interested in reading marketing data and analytics reports on big corporations, comScore’s Twitter page is for you.

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    Gartner has managed to build up its Twitter fan list in the past few months, and has been actively updating its fans, users, and clients about its programs, breaking news, events, services etc.

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    The largest networking equipment manufacturer, and seller in the IT world, Cisco is proudly standing among the top ten B2B companies on Twitter.

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    Another IT giant that has capitalized on Twitter by having a close interaction with fans, clients, and users.

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    Intel is also standing tall on Twitter, with hundreds of followers.

  • 10


    Radian6 has also boosted its presence on Twitter lately and can rightly be included in the top-ten list of B2B companies on the social networking platform.

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