Top 10 Free Twitter Apps for Iphone

Since its launch, the iPhone has become one of the most sold smartphones in the world, bringing in a revolution in the world of technology. The iPhone, like other smart-phones, allows users to download and install applications; however, one of the reasons behind its popularity is the number of applications available in the Appstore. Apart from thousands of other applications, iPhone users have a number of Twitter apps at their disposal, which allow them to stay connected to their favourite social networking website on the go.


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    This app is completely free and you can download it without paying anything if you have an iTunes account. You can easily use your Twitter account through this application, which allows you to tweet your friends or family members or even your favourite celebrities.

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    If you are looking for speed and faster access to content, Echofon is a wonderful app. The biggest positive of this app is that it is able to synchronise tweets to different platforms. However, If you frequently send pictures or use groups on Twitter then it is not the best app for you.

  • 3


    This is an extremely easy to use and impressive app, used by thousands of iPhone users.

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    Twinkle does not offer as many features as some of the other Twitter apps but it is extremely popular because it allows you to read Facebook updates as well. It also offers Tapalous social networks, which allows you to locate tweets and messages within a certain location.

  • 5

    TweetNGO Lite

    This is an ideal app for people who love to visit sports, news and entertainment sections on Twitter.

  • 6


    This application does not allow you to send pictures but it is extremely convenient to use and is highly recommended for beginners. You may change the colour scheme of your Twitter account in this app to customize your experience.

  • 7


    This is another free but speedy app, using which you can switch to multiple feeds and handle all your twitter accounts.

  • 8


    If you are looking for more tweets in a small space, this is the best app for you.

  • 9


    If you like the desktop version of this app, you should definitely try out the mobile version.

  • 10


    Another free app, Flipboard is ideal for Twitter users who want to have all their content (facebook, online subscriptions) to be accessible from one account.

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