Easy Way to get Followers on Twitter

Have you wondered how your friends get followers on Twitter? We’ll show you a method how to get followers very quickly without coming across desperate following thousands of people… that doesn’t look good on your image following 10,000 people and only getting 1,000 following you back.

This method was shared in the Step by Step office and one of the team members managed to get to 43K+ followers within the first three months of joining Twitter and he only used these methods for a maximum of 30 minutes per day – without further ado here are the steps you need to follow.


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    How your account should look

    Clear profile picture, your full name (no nicknames) make your own bio instead of copying a quote or leaving it blank – make sure your bio has in brackets (follow back or get unfollowed) < insert this somewhere in your bio

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    You’re probably thinking well duh, what else do you do on Twitter but make sure you do tweet frequently this shows people you are active and if they don’t follow you and you’re following them then you will very likely unfollow. Try not to post links… Twitter users are allergic to them, go by the rule of having less than 5% of links within your total tweets. So if you have 100 tweets only 5 of those should have a website link.

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    I like to call this “snipe mode” once you made an account then consistently go out tweeting, you must look for people to follow who will follow back but how do you do this? The easiest way is to type in “Team Follow Back” within the search bar of Twitter – this will bring up a whole lost of people who have tweeted “Team Follow Back” they are basically shouting for you to follow them however these could be spam accounts therefore you should go to the highest profile within “Team Follow Back” click > People on the side bar > go into a profile… you will see that this profile follows back a mass number of people, this means that this profile has followed back all those that followed the profile… Do you know what that means? It means if you go to “followers” of that particular profile all them people are very likely to follow you back as well.

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    You found a “Team Follow Back” profile

    Once you’re in the followers section go ahead and click on someone, break the search down even more and look for someone that is following loads of people and has less amount of follow backs for example: 6,000 following 1,000 followers – that is 6 times the amount extra they’re following now just imagine those 1,000 followers they have? They will follow just about everyone! Because you broke down the search.

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    OK, so not everyone follows back – many of them will and many of them might not even be that active to follow you back… Now use a tool called “Tweepi.com” log in via Twitter and click “Flush unfollowers” it’s all in the wording… it will flush all those that didn’t follow you back within seconds you can unfollow them all.

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    Do not follow more than 1,000 people a day, that is Twitter’s restriction

    Leave 72 hours every time you unfollow using Tweepi tool

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