How to Create an Event on Facebook

Inviting others through an invitation card is now an event of the past. Social networks and all the technological tools have taken the world over by storm. Unless you want to personalize your invitation to the core, you don’t really have to send everyone an invite. In fact, people now tend to invite everyone with the help of the social networking website, Facebook. Since everyone is there, it is easy to communicate with all of them and discuss every single detail regarding the event you are trying to organize. However, in order to invite people for an event through Facebook, you need to create an event page first. How will you create an event page? Well, these few easy steps will guide you through.


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    First of all, you need to log in to your Facebook homepage with the help of your e-mail and password. You must be registered to Facebook in order to complete this step. Once you have registered yourself, then simply log on to the website.

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    The new Facebook setup will allow you to open up your homepage with all the newsfeed. However, you need to look for a navigation menu with the option of “Events” written on it. It will be on the left side of your screen if you look closely. Mostly it is right under the “Messages” tab.

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    Click on the Events tab and you will be taken to another page which will have a calendar on the right side and the list of events right in the centre. This is a guide for all the upcoming events made by people in your friend-list, or by people who want to invite you.

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    Scroll to the top and on the right top corner you will see Invitations, Create an Event and Today’s tabs. These three are quite important. The invitations tab is going to take you to all the invites which you have received for the events which are yet to take place. Create an event will serve as a guide for you to create an event and the today’s tab is going to aid you in learning about events taking place today.

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    Simply click on create event and a new window will pop up.

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    Write down the name of the event and add details to it. Then mention the place wherever this event is going to take place and write about the date and timings as well.

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    You can also set the privacy settings to public or invite only. If it is invite only, you can later select the people you want to invite.

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