How to Keep your EBay Customers

Online auction sites have made life easier for many. It is practically a garage sale meeting technology scenario where one can sell products that are not needed or in excess and the seller cannot find a buyer himself or herself. Pay a small fee and get your product shown to an audience of millions world over.

If you are selling on a website such as ebay, you can turn this into a full time business. However, like any other business, you need loyal customers. It’s not the easiest task to get buyers and keep them but can be done if you pay attention to some details that are crucial for success.


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    Product Descriptions

    When you list a product, make sure that the description is accurate. This will help you in getting good feedback as well as making the buyers comeback to you when they are looking for similar products. Good feedback will also encourage other buyers to buy from you as well.

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    Ship on Time

    Make sure that you ship within the stipulated time or even better, before it. This will let the buyers know that you are serious about your work and they are being taken good care of. This is crucial. Your actions must reflect your ability to deliver on time.

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    Buyers like someone who communicates well. There are going to be problems every now and again and if you can deal with the buyer in clear terms and can comfort them in such a situation, they will certainly be loyal to you. Even in normal communication where there is no problem, be kind and be prompt, buyers absolutely love a seller that looks after them.

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    More than half of ebay transactions take place via Paypal but a large amount still go through money transfer services and banks. If you have a Paypal account, you will get the money quicker as well as have the confidence of the buyer that you will not take their money away. With Paypal, the buyer has all the protection in the world and can trust you while buying.

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    Once you start getting buyers who buy certain products only from you, ask them for referrals. They will certainly provide you with some good leads and generally these buyers will also be loyal as they come to you through a reference.

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