Top 10 Amazing Facts about Mark Zuckerberg

Most of us are Facebook users and are addicted to the social networking site. The website has become a part of life for millions around the world. The owner, chairman and the creator of Facebook is Mark Zuckerberg. The young gentleman believes that it is important to take risks in life and there is no success if we aren’t ready to take chances. When he launched Facebook, nobody knew that it would become this big. He took a risk and was rewarded as the worth of his business is huge. Here are some interesting facts about this young successful entrepreneur.


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    Before the launch of Facebook, he created a smaller networking site called Zucknet to connect his whole family. It was used for fun and chatting.

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    Wore the same tie for a whole year

    One thing that was famous about him was the fact that he wore the same tie for an entire year. It was a challenge and he accepted to wear the tie every single day. It was a black patterned tie and even if he was wearing jeans, he would wear the tie with it.

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    College Dropout

    A successful man and a college dropout, seems like a contrast, doesn’t it? Many don’t know that he is a drop out from Harvard University. He started Facebook from California after leaving university.

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    He has three sisters

    Mark Zuckerberg has three sisters and he is the only son. As a child he received a lot of love from his siblings and was pampered.

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    Mark is a Sci-Fi Fan

    Mark enjoys Science Fiction or Sci-Fi as it is known. His Facebook profile lists his favourite sci-fi novel as Ender's Game.

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    Mark Zuckerberg is colour blind

    He may seem perfect and rich but Mark is colour blind. Facebook is blue because it is one of the only colours that he can see. Red and green are two colours he cannot see.

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    Mark Zuckerberg does not have a television

    In a time in which we can’t imagine our lives without television, Mark does not have one. In his whole life he did not have a television and prefers tennis over it.

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    Mark Zuckerberg loves his dog

    Mark is very attached to his Hungarian dog and calls him Beast Zuckerberg. He posts a lot of pictures of his dog.

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    Designed his wife’s wedding ring

    It may seem very romantic that your spouse designed your wedding ring. That’s exactly what Mark did as it was a ruby ring with two diamonds on the side.

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    Mark Zuckerberg is not just interested in money

    He says in many interviews that money was not the reason behind creating Facebook.

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