Top 10 Recruitment Influencers to Connect With

Recruitment influencers can be a great help in your career building if you know how to interact with them and learn things they have learned from their experience. Due to the growing use of internet and social media platforms, it has become very easy for a person to get in touch with recruitment influencers and seek their help regarding your professional life. LinkedIn, which is an effective social platform for professionals, can be a great tool for you to find recruitment influencers you are looking for.


  • 1

    Ann Swain

    Ann Swain is the Chief Executive Officer at APSCo (Association of Professional Staffing Companies) and has been actively engaged in the field of professional staffing. Swain can be great contact if you are keen to learn about how recruitment industry works.

    You can get in touch with Swain here:

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  • 2

    Alan Whitford

    Alan Whitford is Strategy Consultant for Recruitment Talent Challenges, and an inspirational speaker. Whitford has been involved in human resource and recruitment process activities for the last fifteen years and has maintained a solid profile among most of the key industries. Whitford boasts a massive fan following on LinkedIn and loves to stay in touch with people wanting to listen to him. If you want to learn about team creation and management, employment brand, applicant tracking systems, and recruitment strategies, Whitford is the person to pay attention to.

    Get in touch with Whitford here:

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  • 3

    Mike Taylor

    Mike Taylor has been involved in online recruitment consultancy for more than a decade now. Taylor boasts a solid profile as recruitment influencer and enjoys mentoring general followers with meaningful human resource and recruitment advices.

    He can be reached at

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  • 4

    Ian Knowlson

    Ian Knowlson is a business development maestro and an expert in recruitment, team building, and helping fledgling business get off the ground. If you are seriously thinking of getting in touch with someone that can help you learn about social media strategies, sales and NLP, new business strategies, dealing with corporate clients and recruitment activities.

    He can be reached at

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  • 5

    Phil Roebuck

    Phil Roebuck founded Web Recruit Ltd and has been actively involved in corporate recruitment activities since he was just 22 years old.

    He can be reached at

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  • 6

    Dan McGuire

    Involved in the technology sector, Dan McGuire is founder at cube19 Ltd. With solid expertise in recruitment and sales, McGuire has been able to introduce new strategies for businesses to update their CRM.

    He can be reached at

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  • 7

    Stephen O’Donnell FIRP

    Stephen O’Donnell FIRP is an online innovator and professional recruiter. Stephen has been associated with corporate recruitment sector since 1987.

    He can be reached at

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  • 8

    Richard Essex

    Although at Corporate Sales Director at Broadbean Technology, Essex knows a lot about corporate recruitment as he boasts considerable experience in specialized recruitment workflows.

    He can be reached at

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  • 9

    Liz Longman

    Liz Longman is the Managing Director at TEAM, which is one of the well-known employment service providers in the United Kingdom. Liz can be reached at

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  • 10

    Tracey (Dunn) Barrett

    Tracey Barrett can be a great contact as she has been actively involved in PR, recruitment industry and human resource management.

    She can be reached at

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