5 Social Media Monitoring Tools to Simplify Your Marketing

Running a business on the Internet has become pretty tricky and if you do not keep improving your skills and adopt latest trends, your chances of success are thin. Online marketing is deeper than most entrepreneurs think and that is why they often fail to squeeze the most of out of the resources available on the Internet.

Social media has become the most important tool of marketing and businesses that rely on them and use them effectively, often manage to reap more profits than those ignoring this powerful tool. Due to the common use of social media for marketing, marketers have also started using different monitoring tools to make their business grow and function more effectively.


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    Google Analytics Social Reports

    You must have heard about Google analytics as SEOs (Search Engine Optimization) and webmasters use it track their website’s progress and search engine rankings. Google Analytics Social Reports is an extension of Analytics as it helps you keep track of the traffic from social media networking sites. The tool is best for marketing purposes as it helps you visualize your traffic.

    Knowing how much social traffic is being converted into permanent users of your site and Google Analytics Social Reports have all it takes to do this task.  Most of the businesses like to convert their social traffic into permanent customers, and social media is the most powerful tool to attract the audience. Prominent social media networking sites that you can use for marketing purpose are Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

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    Although a lesser-known social media monitoring tool, Sysomos is fully capable of providing your business with social media monitoring, allowing you to track down your marketing efforts. The tool is used by large companies. If you use unlimited data and share a lot of files with the users on social media networking sites, Sysomos works best as it is user friendly and supports platforms such as blogs, LinkedIn, Twitter, news websites, Facebook, forums and video sharing websites like Youtube.

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    TwitterCounter is a tool for keeping track of your Twitter users. Since businesses have to keep an eye on their social media traffic, TwitterCounter allows you to see stats and graphical data.

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    Howsociable is perfect for your business and its marketing needs on the Internet. The tools helps you track your presence in terms of your brand and business reputation.

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    SocialMention is a powerful tool as it helps you get real-time information on different social media service and lets you keep track of users.

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