How to Hide Your Identity on Twitter

Social media interactions have been soaring through the roof in recent years. It is now impossible to come across someone who doesn’t have an account on one or more social media websites.

The leading websites for these purposes are Facebook and Twitter. Twitter came in a little later and changed things up.

Now the thing with Facebook is that it represents you almost like an identity card, and there is nothing you can do about that, it contains all your information and is a great way to contact your friends.

Twitter is quite different, you don’t need to keep in touch with people who you know and you can talk to anyone out there in the Twitter world. However, sometimes people fail to remain confidential over their personal information even though they want to.


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    No names, no locations, no personal information

    The first thing you need to remember is that no matter what happens, never use your real name on Twitter. Never mention anything associated with you, if you want to stay confidential.

    You are going to find this to be very challenging, since you aren’t naturally programmed to do so.

    However, just remember that you can’t go on and say anything personal, about yourself, where you live, where you study, work or the names of the people that you know.

    Leaking out any of that is going to let people figure out just who you are and it is going to become very easy for them to track you down.

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    No personal pictures

    It goes without saying that when you are going to be trying to stay anonymous on Twitter, you can’t upload any pictures of yourself.

    You may upload pictures of random items, but remember to turn of the Geo-Tag settings, so that your location isn’t disclosed

    At the same time, you need to be extra careful when syncing your Instagram and other apps to Twitter, since it would be smarter not to link them in the first place.

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    Be particular about username and email address

    When creating your account try using an email address that no one can trace back to you. This is going to be important, since using an email address with your name in it could give you away.

    At the same time, pick a very random username, one which has no relationship with you or the things that you like.

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