How to Link Facebook and Twitter Friends

While there is no direct way to link your Facebook and Twitter friends, since the two are essentially different services, you can make sure you are in touch with your friends on both networks. You need to first link your Facebook contacts with your email account, before syncing your Twitter account with the same.


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    Sign up for any of the four email services if you already don’t have an account. These include AOL, Hotmail, Windows Live email and Yahoo! Only these email services will allow you to sync your Twitter and Facebook contacts.

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    Open up your contact list or address book on the email account you will be using. On a separate tab, log on to your Facebook account, and go to your profile page. This can be done by clicking on your name on the top right, or left-corner.

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    Now click on your friends list, and open each of the profile in a new tab. This will be done individually, so in order to manage your time, you can open several tabs at one time. You will now click on the Info tab visible on the left column of your friends' profile pages.

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    On the upper left corner, click on the ‘About’ tab, which will provide general information about your friends. Scroll down that page and you will see Contact Information at the bottom right side of a particular friend’s profile.

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    Now revert back to the first browser tab, where you opened your email account. You will be creating separate entries for each friend, adding their email addresses, which they have listed on their Facebook profiles, to your contacts. Save the changes. Make sure that you do not have duplicate entries, if case any of your friends' email addresses are already linked to your contact list. Moreover, you can list two or more email addresses, provided your friends have listed the same on their Facebook profiles.

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    Now to sync your list with Twitter, you will need to log in to your Twitter account and hit the Discover tab in the top bar.  In this section, search for the ‘Find Friends’ tab.

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    Twitter will now ask you to provide access to the email account which you used to sync your Facebook friends. A pop-up window will appear where you will click Allow. By doing so, all of your email contacts will be visible to in the Find Friends dashboard.  Click ‘Follow’ button for the contacts you want to follow on twitter.

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