Top 10 Tools to Detect Plagiarism Online

There are many ways of detecting plagiarism online. You just need to follow some guidelines as it is a slightly complex process which needs full attention. There are many tools available nowadays which will positively tell you the complete process of detecting plagiarism online. Earlier when these types of tools were not created, people tried to cheat the system mostly related to any kind of thesis or research paper. It was also important back then to create plagiarism detection tools when these types of cases started appearing in the media.


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    Understanding plagiarism

    Plagiarism has many aspects ranging from copying images without proper credit to stealing ideas and presenting them as your own to copying different chunks of any content and to paraphrasing them with your own style. There are also many kinds of plagiarism which are related to these types of major copyright issues. If you are picking any type of content from any publication or online journal and writing them as their own without linking back to the original source can be considered as plagiarism.

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    Use Google

    Before going to any major source or tool to detect plagiarism, you should try Google search engine. Some say that Google will certainly detect any plagiarism quickly. Though it is for primary uses but certainly if you want to detect plagiarism, you can always use Google for help.

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    Google alerts

    Google alerts are also a very good medium to detect plagiarism online. You need to create batches of sentences or key phrases before setting up the alerts.

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    Using Turnitin

    Using Turnitin is also a great way to detect plagiarism as it is a globally recognised tool.

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    Mostly universities use this software to detect plagiarism from any kind of thesis or research work.

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    CopyScape is a famous plagiarism detection tool and gives high quality results as well.

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    Search engines for detecting copied images

    Different search engines can also help you out in detecting copied images.

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    iThenticate By

    iThenticate by is also a good website. You should also visit this website to help you detect plagiarism.

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    Digital Fingerprint WordPress Plugin

    Digital fingerprint WordPress plugin also is very good tool to detect plagiarism.

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    Plagaware is a very famous piece of software to detect any content for plagiarism.

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