10 Ways to Add Facebook Functionality to Your Website

Social media has become a very effective tool for websites to expand their presence on the Internet and reach a wider audience. Websites like Facebook have found a solid foothold in every online marketing plan and ignoring it can make you look weaker than your competitors or peers.

Integrating Facebook to your website can help you reap better results, gain a huge audience with loyalty and an opportunity to establish solid search engine presence.

Facebook is a nice tool for interacting with more people and once you have integrated it into your website; you will want to add as much functionality in order to improve your overall standing in the online business.


  • 1

    Share button

    Integrate share button to your website and make the visitors want to share your posts to their Facebook pages. In order to get people to share your website link to hundreds of Facebook pages and  other websites, you need to have quality content. Try to write content that grabs the visitors’ attention and they will be forced to share your page with others.

  • 2

    Like button

    Facebook’s Like button appears to have sidelined Share button in the last few months. Like button helps the visitors of your website add your posts to their Facebook profiles. Like button works the same way as Share button. Like button should be integrated to home Page, photo gallery, WOD page, events page and etc. To make the long story short, the pages that tend to attract more traffic should get Like button.

  • 3

    Comments section

    Don’t you want to let the visitors of your website share their views and ideas with you?

    Facebook (FB) has solved this issue for you as you can integrate an FB comment section into your website. If your blog drives massive traffic and your content is read by hundreds of people, you should allow readers to comment through their Facebook account. Installing Facebook comment plugin is pretty easy.

    If you are using Wordpress blog, you must have seen that the blog already offers a built-in comment section. In order to capitalize on Facebook strength, you can disable Wordpress comment section and install FB commenting plugin.

  • 4

    Send button

    Get a send button if you want your visitors to share your posts with their friends. Send button works differently than Like button, as it allows users to send a post via message.

  • 5

    Login button

    Login button allows users to sign up to your website using their Facebook account.

  • 6

    Like box

    The Like box allows users to like your Facebook post. The FB page can be viewed from your website as well.

  • 7


    Facepile displays picture of users who have liked your posts or pages.

  • 8


    This tool is for users who want to sign up to your website, even if you have no custom CMS or registration plugin on your website.

  • 9


    This tool allows users to share your website activity, posts, etc. in real time.

  • 10


    This tool allows visitors of your website to recommend a page or post (he/she likes) to another Facebook user.

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