How to Use Twitter Effectively for Business

Social networking websites are just great for staying in touch with the friends and family that is away but also have proven to be useful business tools. Micro blogging has become even more effective in getting the word out.

Twitter has been a revolution and hundreds of millions of people follow it. If one can effectively define the market segment and get in touch with the right set of people who have the potential to be good for business in any respect, you can have a great following and more business.


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    Have a Clear Action Plan

    This is the first requirement for you to be effective at Twitter. Have a clear action plan as to how you will be approaching the certain market segment that you intend to cater to. Also, how much promotion and which products will be promoted on Twitter and whether you only want to promote the business or the specific products as well in the first place. These questions must be answered before launching a Twitter account and these will have different answers for every kind of business.

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    Carefully Follow

    Follow people on Twitter that can be useful for you. It is best that these people follow you back. If you follow someone and they are not doing the same, there is little to achieve, in most cases it will be best to not follow them using various tools that are available on Twitter.

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    Be Unique

    There are certain set patterns that most people follow in their Tweets. You may want to reverse the trend as it is unlikely to help you a great deal. People do not mind something different, in fact in this current day and age, the more unique you are, the more following you are likely going to get. Don’t be worried if your Tweets are a little too straight forward or have a lot of flair, many people will like that more than the dull routine Tweets.

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    You can converse on Twitter so do not be afraid to do so with potential clients. Some may like what you do or offer while others will criticise it. Do not be worried about the criticism and try and turn critics into fans. This is great for business and will be good to entice more clients as well. Also make sure that you reply in a timely manner.

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