How to Outsource Your Traffic Generation

You’ve set up this wonderful website that is informative, stylish and filled with unique content. However, only one person a day visits your website. The site is operational and you provide fresh content on a daily business but no one is visiting your website. It can be frustrating and is now becoming extremely disheartening.

You could try bringing in some SEO expertise or you could outsource the responsibilities to another company. We would recommend trying SEO yourself first but if you do opt for the second option then there are a few things that need to be taken care of.


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    Firstly, you will have to locate and identify a traffic generation agency. In order to do this, you may run a search on Google or go through any postings or forums on LinkedIn. You will find many different agencies on the internet that offer different services.

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    Approach the company. If they happen to be in the locality you can just pop in for a meeting. If not then you can always send an email over to the company and begin your correspondence there or set up a Skype meeting. Be sure to check their standing and any previous work that they might have done.

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    Once that is done, ask the company to go through your website and see what they make of it. Do not push through for a deal now but gauge the company and whether it can handle your particular situation. Remember to discuss with the company what your exact goals are for your website.

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    Ask a few questions as to how they plan on increasing traffic. Do not jump in when they throw big numbers at you, instead focus on their strategy. Are they going to use cheap tricks and gimmicks or do they actually have a plan for the long run. Go over all that they have to offer and the methods that they will use.

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    If you are satisfied by their responses then you may proceed to the next step and begin negotiating a deal. Make sure they are on your terms and if the company causes too many issues then remember that there are dozens other like them and feel free to walk away from the deal. Read the fine print before signing any agreement with a company.

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