Creating or Adding a New Domain in cPanel

Ever heard of different hosting packages proclaiming they offer you the option to host multiple domains and websites all in one place? Yes, the offer is tempting but the problem arises when you have to add and manage all those different domains in a single cPanel account.

Well, cPanel makes our lives easier and allows us to add new domains in a fairly easy way. Not only that, but all your domains can be managed through one cPanel account. If you are unaware of how to add a new domain in cPanel then this article will guide you through the process. Simply scroll down and learn through our step by step guide about how exactly you can create a new domain in cPanel.


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    Access Cpanel

    You can use (Google Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer) and access cPanel by typing in https://ip address:2087 or

    Chrome, Firefox & IE
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    Log in

    When you reach the cPanel screen you'll be presented with a log in dialog. Enter the credentials provided by your hosting company and log in to the your cPanel dashboard.

    cPanel Interface
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    Find 'Addon Domains' option

    After you have logged in, there will be an “Addon Domains” option in the dashboard, right below the “Domains” tab - click on it to proceed.

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    Fill in the details

    When you click on "Addon Domains" a new dialogue box will open up where you will need to fill in domain information. This will include the name of the new domain that you want to add, along with the document root directory and password.

    Note: Be sure to write down and remember the password you provide.

    Type in the information
  • 5

    Add domain

    After all the information has been filled in, click on “Add Domain” and you'll be all done!

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    Tips for Adding New Domains in Cpanel

    - Whenever you add a new domain in Cpanel, it becomes an addon domain linked with the main domain for the hosting account. The addon domain can hence also be accessed by ''.

    - All hosting providers have dedicated support and service teams which can be contacted if you run into any issues.

    - When you are purchasing a hosting package you should check for total number of domains that are allowed. If you only get one domain hosting you won't be able to add others.

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