How to Create an Agency on Odesk

There are a number of features which users of Odesk can take advantage of. There are opportunities for those who do not wish to do the work themselves but outsource it to others and keep a cut for themselves. This may sound cynical or unfair but a writer, with a certain reputation can win bids without any issue. This means that those looking for work and aren’t too concerned about doing it for a lower rate can earn an income where, in other situations, they could not.

This allows the client to get their work done, the end writer to make some money and the middle man to make both ends meet. Instead of outlawing this practice, Odesk decided to facilitate this and launched the Agency option.

An agency is basically an entity that may have one or more writers and/or may outsource the work further on. Clients trust agencies with strong reputations as they can complete larger tasks and that means dealing with more potential revenue.


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    The first is to ensure that you have a strong existing team. Contractors can also be added later on but the agency itself needs a strong internal set up in order to ensure that the initial impression of the agency is a positive one.

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    Ensure that you read the end user agreement so that there are no problems or confusion later on. This is important as it contains certain important clauses and legal matters.

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    The next step is to create an agency profile. Apart from promoting your own agency, promote your agency’s writers and contractors as well. This will ensure that your agency reaches a wider audience.

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    The actual creation of the agency is a matter of two clicks. The first click is on the ‘Create Agency’ icon which is located on the dashboard. The second click is to accept that all the information that has been filled to the best of the agency owner’s knowledge.

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