Amazon Likely to Launch Kindle Fire 2

Google’s recently launched Nexus 7 tablet with the price starting from $199 –  the same price Amazon is asking for its Kindle Fire tablet.

Rumors have been already circulating in the industry that Amazon is going to launch a refresh of its Kindle Fire line and Amazon has an uphill battle if it wants to thrash Google out of the scene.

Google’s Nexus 7 tablet comes with the company’s brand name, technology and its content (apps, games, music, movies) to convince users to buy the product. According to reliable sources, the production of Kindle Fire 2 is in the final process and it is set to have 2 million units ready in the beginning of August. The device is said to be manufactured by OEM manufacturer, Taiwanese hardware manufacturer Quanta Computer, which also worked for Sony and RIM.

Moreover, the new Kindle Fire will come with a metal chassis instead of plastic chassis and display made by LG and touch panels coming from TPK.

The company hasn’t released many details about the upcoming product, but the general consensus is that Amazon is looking to come up to the level of Google’s Nexus 7 tablet while maintaining the same price range. If that’s the case then the original Kindle Fire is likely to go down in price in the coming days.

Some sources are claiming that Amazon will announce Kindle Fire 2 on July 31st. Equipped with the new metal chassis, the next generation Kindle Fire is likely to have a better high-definition IPS display (1280×600) and a camera on its front side. In order to compete with Nexus 7, Amazon will have to increase the CPU power by using a 1.5GHz dual-core processor by adding a quad-core processor, just like Google added  in Nexus 7.

With the Fire and Nexus entering into direct completion, there are some rumors that Apple is preparing to launch a smaller version of the iPad coming this fall, so it seems like this would be one of the hottest seasons for the consumers to a have variety of options in terms of tablets.

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