How to Use an RSS Feed Reader

It is great to stay up to date with current happenings, and having everything in one place to read whenever you have the time is extremely useful and convenient. Staying updated with your favourite blogs and news websites has never been easier now that there are a number of RSS feed readers available on your computer and for smartphones. For some people who are still unaware of how they can avail this option, following some simple guidelines can make it possible for them to get a massive feed of everything they want to stay up to date with.


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    RSS Account

    Opening up an RSS account with any of the available service providers is the first step to begin the process. This is the easiest part because all you have to do is provide account details and you are literally ready to begin receiving RSS feeds. Services such as Pageflake, Netvides and many more are still active in this regard, and have a lot of users using their facilities to stay updated with everything that is current.

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    After making the account, the next step is to begin organizing which feeds you wish to receive. Sites that offer RSS services will be available automatically and are usually categorized accordingly to the specific sort of target audience. Depending on your field of interest like business or sports, choose the websites and add them to your feed by following the instructions that the service provider will be giving along the way.

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    Web Browser

    While using your laptop or desktop computer, the option for subscribing to an RSS feed is seen on the left or right side of the browser when logging on to a specific website. Click it and subscribe - this will keep you updated whenever there is a new update on the source without even having to logon. Since the sync process between computers and smartphones has developed to an amazing extent, just logging in from one place will save the changes for wherever you logon from the next time.

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    Check Your Feeds

    Make sure you regularly check your feeds because they are being constantly updated by the source websites you have chosen to get the RSS feeds from. Many service providers also have the option of keeping those feeds you have not viewed yet or just automatically refreshing depending on your preferences. This is a great way to stay in touch with the latest happenings in regards to everything you like.

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