How to Sell Designs on Cafe Press

Gone are the days when your imagination will remain just the picture of myth and unseen reality. Cafe press has made all the necessary arrangements to make it tangible and more importantly being used as an earning source. All you have to do is to create the designs first on computer before uploading them at Cafe press for selling.

If the creative work gratifies buyers visiting the website on a daily basis, stay assured about the money that is going to barge in your pocket.

The modus operandi is simple and easy to understand. Open up an account at Cafe press, and choose the right category of it. For the beginners, going with the free account is appropriate, because that will help in understanding how the market works and the ways of generating profits.

As for the creation of such designs that sell, one must decide first the products that will see those printed or attached on them. For example, if home appliances are selected, images should be prepared accordingly, as anything looking weird on them will keep the potential buyers away from the stock of your designs.


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    Focus on a range of products

    Sometimes, designs made for just one product look so annoying to the customers that they never return to see your stock again. On the other hand, displeasure of the customers with one of the designs can be mitigated by offering others, for different products, which could then prove a source of an instant success. That will also project your reputation to the target audience of being professionally equipped to deal with a wide range of items.

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    Decide a reasonable mark up

    The part comes in your account and the rest goes to the Cafe press, even if the account is being run for free. Value your designs realistically, because unreasonable prices will scare away buyers, especially if you have not established a strong goodwill in the market yet.

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    Preview designs as printed

    Before uploading images on the website, make sure you have seen them as printed. Sometimes, what looks good on the computer does not really entertains the eyes well when users have it in the hard form. Negligence in this regard can result in the spread of bad reputation among the target market.

    Although the responsibility of printing and distributing is on Cafe press, watching the sample work beforehand can be helpful in avoiding unwanted circumstances. Once market has recognized your work, the stream of future cash inflows can be expected.

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