How to Sell Beats On Rocbattle

Rocbattle provides a right platform to sell your beats. You only have to understand how it works and how you can promote your beats to break up in the top-10 chart. The rating method is a lot simpler as compared to many other websites that are in the cyberspace to promote beats. For example, many offer per play method to rank your beats and this way you can hardly get in the top-10 chart, no matter how many plays you get during a day. On the contrary, the voting system at Rocbattle can quickly rate your beats to be marketable.


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    Rocbattle as Promotional Tool

    Rocbattle is a great website to be used as a promotional tool, since the technology it uses is very simple and smaller, as compared to many other websites i.e. Soundclick. Also, breaking in the top-10 chart is a lot simpler. Getting more wins and less losses in a month can help you rise on the chart and be among the top 10, and the next month you stay on the front page of the website as long as you can sustain. Winning the competition is dead easy for you and it pays in terms of promotion of your beats.

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    Creating Beats Battle

    Since Rocbattle works in a different way, you have to understand the fundamental of voting on it. For example, many people create a list of friends and then vote for each other's battle. This makes the most voted beat move up in the chart, not the one beat that is the best among all. So you too can create and manage a group of 10 friends clicked together, so people will jump in the fake competition and vote for your beat in the battle of 10 people. You can create email addresses of 10 people to communicate on their behalf. This will help you rise quickly on the chart.

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    Rocbattle Exclusive Membership

    It might appear a bit costly for you in the beginning but the $7 a month exclusive membership of Rocbattle repays a lot in terms of promotion of your beat. You can get into a group of five to ten people easily and selling of your one beat can cover up the amount you spend to get the membership. Also, it makes your beat a target of really interested people and they can vote it to be the best and among the top-10 chart. Also, there is a guarantee that your beat will work in this method more than in free access mode. If you are not content with quality of your beat and just throwing it in the market to take your chance, then you may not think of buying exclusive membership.

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