How To Copyright Pictures

Copyright is a legal concept which gives the creator of an original work exclusive right to use it for any purposes or at any place. Overall it is the right to copy and gives credit to the copyright holder for his work. It is a form of intellectual property just like trademarks or patent but is applicable on any expressible form.

According to the United States of America’s copyright law, the person becomes the copyright owner the instance he creates the work. As a result, you own the copyrights of your image when you make or take a photo.

In this world of advance software and tools of every kind, it is difficult to stop plagiarism. However, it is the best way to protect the rights of your photo.

Things required:

– Photo editing software


  • 1

    Get a photo editing software

    First of all you need to get a photo editing software. You can get in free or buy from internet. You can also buy a CD which has this software.

    Once you get this software, you need to install and run it. You need a software which has water marking capabilities.

  • 2

    Go to ‘Batch Process Your Images’

    Next you have to go to batch process your images option. You need to click the button ‘ Batch Process Your images.’

    After going into this tab, you have to select all images which you want to watermark.

  • 3

    Add text which you want to watermark

    Next you need to click the ‘Add Text Layer’ or ‘Add Watermark’ to enter the text on your image.

    After that, type your name, if it is your image, in the box. Then put the copyright logo © and the year of first publication in the same layer.

  • 4

    Change transparency of the text

    Your image should be visible clearly and in order to do that, you need to change the transparency level of the text you have typed.

    If you have clicked the watermark option then your typed text will automatically be adjusted to right transparency level.

  • 5

    Convert all images

    After changing the transparency of your text, click ‘Batch Process All’ or ‘Convert All’ to apply this step on all of your images.

    Remember to save your pictures to a new folder as you don’t want to convert your originals.

  • 6

    Copyright notice

    You can add copyright notice with your images which includes your name, symbol © and year.

    Also put copyright notice in the footer of your website for copyright purposes.

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